Guide to Start Private / Incognito Chat in Google Allo

The new messenger from Google “Allo” was finally released for all Android and iOS users last week. Despite having already exceeded 1 million downloads, still has a long way to go if Google wants to compete with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but the App has come with some new features quite interesting such as Incognito Chat mode. This feature allows users to create a private conversation with self-destructive content. This feature has been released recently for Facebook Messenger, but it is not available in WhatsApp.

In the tutorial below, we will show you how to start an Incognito Chat in Google Allo and how to set the expiration time of each message. Thus, the chat will not be recorded on your phone.

The private chat windows in Google Allo have two major advantages over the others: encryption protection and choose the expiration time of the messages. Moreover, this kind of talk can only be started with people who already have account on messenger. You can send photos, stickers, drawings, and text or voice messages.

Before you begin, you need to know some details. Private windows are on the list of conversations, as well as others, without requiring password to access the content. In addition, the application does not alert you when the recipient takes prints of the conversation, as in Snapchat, which can yield information leakage.

How to Start a Private Chat

Step 1. On the Home screen Allo, tap the new chat icon in the lower right corner. Then choose the "Start Incognito Chat" option.

Step 2. On the next screen, Allo will be displayed account with contacts. Choose the person you want to chat.

Step 3. A private chat window opens and you can start the conversation.

Tip: at any time, the user can set the expiration time of the messages that will be sent next. Simply tap on the clock at the top of the screen, and choose one of the time intervals ranging from five seconds to one week.

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