K is for Kazdy (SM 12) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the third visit in Prague will give you access to the side quest and the trophy K is for Kazdy (SM 12). Here, you will get an SOS message directing the location of Samizdat. Presumably you have to complete the side quest SM 05: Samizdat , then you get to know the people behind the organization.

However, first you get the POI “Samizdat SOS”. Follow the Points of Interests to activate the quest K is for Kazdy. For this, you have to back into the sewer next to your apartment complex. Below you'll find a shelter of Samizdat and learn that the card forger from SM 01: The Golden Ticket now works for the organization.

Talk to the lady Little K at the POI and accept the mission. Follow the waypoints to the underground and go to the police station to free K. Go down to the basement, which you already encountered in the side quest mission SM10: The Harvester.

There you’ll find K and some other prisoners. One is the remaining of side quest 1, as you did not pass the activated papers for him. You shall open the cells and release the prisoners. That you succeed with the switch on the back wall next to the lockers that you need to hack. Speak with K and answer all sorts of questions. Click NEXT. Tell him that he and the other prisoners should “Play it Cool” and dress up as policemen. In this way, they can leave without notice.

You shall bring all (optionally also the person from the first side quest) to the meeting point. Now it's really important that you will not be discovered there, specially when you see a policeman interrupts a fight between the law enforcement and the samizdat members. As long as you progress unnoticed, you should have no problems with the evacuation. Once in the meeting, you speak again with K and side quest 12 migrate into the chronicle of your menus in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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