NBA 2K17: Center Build guide / tips

In this guide to NBA 2K17: Center Build, we will show you two archetypes: a Glass Cleaner - he is like our guide to power forward but defers in size. The second archetype is the post scorer, who relies on offensive maneuvers directly or close to the basket.

Glass Cleaner

Why not Paint Protector? Since this skill have very good defensive values, but it missed too much offensive power. If you want to specialize only on defending then the Paint Protector is the best choice. But after a few games you can get bored, therefore, we advise you to go for Glass Cleaner. With values such as height and weight, it is naturally beneficial to expand the strength of your player, but the maximum is only if you have an opponent with similar values and timing of attack and defense is the same - that is quite rare.


- Hustle Rebounder
- Break Starter
- Putback King
- Brick Wall
- Bruiser


Here we recommend you a height of 2.15 m. If you want, you can exceed even a few centimeters, as this may increase your chances. But if you consider that you will get slower. Although, the Center is not necessarily an expert on fast run, but if you just creep over the place, then probably you are often too late.


Here, pay attention to the changes of the attributes and decide on the best balance of power and some speed.


- Rebound, Layups & Dunks, defense
- Strength, playmaker, agility
- Post Scoring, Litter from the Dribbling
- Middle Distance, 3er

Playing Style:

Point to invest in playmaker is necessary depending on your personal settings. You can also do without, but sometimes a little ball security is necessary - especially when you get hectic in the zone. As Glass Cleaner you get yourself every rebound both offensively and defensively. Otherwise you concentrate on defending opponents and even you get some baskets.

Post Scorer

The post scorer is not outstanding defender and yet helps your size doing a little. As launcher you are quite passable, if you don’t step on the 3-liner. It is particularly important for your style of play a lot of muscle mass, as often with his back to the basket is you and must push away the opposing player with your mass.


- Drop Stepper
- Post Spin Technician
- Dream-Like Up & Under
- Brick Wall
- Bruiser


Here we recommend you size from 2.15 to 2.20 meters. In the larger variant, he is able to provide little resistance, but other players can compensate for the difference with their athleticism, so beware.


Similar to the Glass Cleaner you should bring a lot of weight. Through more kilograms you can push out your opponents.


- Post Scoring, Strength
- Agility, Layups & Dunks, Defense, Rebounds
- Playmaker, throw out the Dribbling, middle Distance

Playing style:

Make sure you get a place in the Opposing zone and request a pass. Now press in the direction of the basket and shoot. If you have a mismatch, then don’t hesitate to dunk over your opponent. Pay attention to good Steal defender.

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