NBA 2K17: Tip for creating your best Point Guard Build

In this guide to NBA 2K17, we will give you some useful tips on how to create your All-Star point guard.

One of the key issues in the creation of your point guards is what archetype it is to play. Lockdown Defender, Playmaker, Sharpshooter, Shot Creator or Slasher? Based on this decision, it then goes to the physique. Big player with long arms can be a better shooter, more weight will make you stronger but slower. Effects such as these are already known from previous versions, but the visualization of the influence in NBA 2K17 is clearly successful.

Scroll through the archetypes and you can obtain an overview of the attribute Caps, ie on the maximum limits of your skills. Overall, there are 80 attributes available, which can distribute to the individual disciplines. However, this limit you can increase by certain badges and attribute bonuses by training a bit. It will no longer be possible in NBA 2K17 to create a complete all-rounder. 2K compensates by rising importance of each role. Nevertheless, we will give you some tips and hints to a build one, who is close to the all-rounder boundary.

The Playmaker Point Guard in NBA 2K17

One of the best ways for a good point guard is the Playmaker. Unfortunately you have to forego some of the extremely high values in this decision, but for that you achieved both offensively and defensively good results on average. The key point is that your "playmaker attribute," can be further increased.

Height: You can be much faster and steal the ball easily if you are smaller. But your dunks, blocks and Boxout may affect.

Wingspan: Power your arms not too long, so you get no penalty in litters.

Weight: As Playmaker you should be easy, so you can run faster but decrease your Dunk capacity.

Attributes: Definitely playmaker and athleticism! Otherwise, you can bring calm your throw abilities to the maximum, so that you may reach there good values. On Rebounding and post scorer, you should completely renounce.

As point guard playmaker you are very agile and you are one of the fastest players with the best dribbling and passes. These values can be extremely high. Therefore, you should consider whether you will possibly not quite fast approaching the maximum, but let yourself learn a few more skills in other areas such as litter and Dunk. At a certain value in combination with your skills, you can always give you good free space.

Your Playmaker replaced by the following badges:

Dimer (passer)
Ankle Breaker
Pick and Roll Maestro
Flashy Passer
Lob City Passer (Alley-Oop)

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