World of Warcraft Legion: farm curios coins / rewards - tips

Legion, the next expansion for the World of Warcraft brings curios coins with them you can buy items from the mysterious merchant Xur'ios. This recalls like the old shooter Destiny and the merchant Xur serving rare items each week for a short time. Besides, WoW Legion also offers new features such as the artifact weapons or class halls also nice little updates that support your fight against the Legion

Rewards for the secret currency

With the curios coins you have a new currency in Wolrd of Warcraft, which can be exchanged for items /rare recipes. Search this NPC in Dalaran and grab his offer. To get to his desired coins, you have several ways to farm them:

- Open chests and treasure chests.
- Mythic plus challenger’s cache.
- Complete Meta-world quests - Emissary cache
- Each Heroic and Mythic dungeon Boss

The prices for the rewards are quite high, which is why it will probably take some time until you meet a lot of players with these items and mounts. Below rare items and recipes you can get for your curios coins:


- Boon of the Nether: Gives shoulder armor permanently, whereby their carcasses can not loot for different stocks without Boon of the Nether consumed. Curios coins 50.

- Gjallarns "Horn" A rocket in the target area causing 340000-460000 * 5 Fire damage. This only works outdoors on the Broken Isles. You need 50 curios coins.

- Mote of Light: you’ll become infuse for 5 minutes with starlight. Curios coins 50.

- Krota’s shield: The shield 2000000-10000000 damage for 6 seconds. This only works outdoors on the Broken Isles. You need 50 curios coins.

- Arcadian War Turtle: An epic mount from distant countries, which brings destruction. Curios coins 150.

- Ingram’s Puzzle: For solving this puzzle you will receive random followers of equipment. Curios coins 50.


- Recipe: Leather Love Seat - Leatherworking: You can craft a leather two-seater. Curios coins 1.

- Formula: soul fibril - Enchanting: Shadow Artifact Relic.  Curios coins 1.

- Technique: Straszan Mark - Inscription: Life Artifact Relic. Curios coins 1

- Schematic: Mecha-Bond Imprint matrix - Engineering: Teaches you the taming of pets in the Mechanical family. Curios coins 1

- Recipe: Flamespike - Blacksmithing Plan: Fire Artifact Relic. Curios coins 1.

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