Battlefield 1: fix game won't start, crashes and bug issues

Battlefield 1 is officially released and available to all gamers. However, many players have reported numerous problems including bugs, errors or crashes. There are some issues that you can handle with simple workarounds, while for others you have to wait for a patch from the developers. In this guide we will give you some useful tips to fix most common problems in Battlefield 1.

- PC Crashes: The PC version often annoys you with crashes and sends you back to your desktop. If this is the case, then try to turn off the Origin Overlay. Just go to your settings and "Origin in the game". It could also help to update the graphics card drivers manually or to disable the DirectX 12.

- Xbox One - If you purchased the Early Enlister edition of Battlefield 1 and played on the Xbox One, it could happen that your pre-order bonuses or Battlepacks do not show up. If this is the case then try to fix it with this trick: First Finished Battlefield 1 and uninstall all add-ons of the Deluxe Edition, but not the main game itself. Then reinstall all additional content and restart the game.

- PS4 Pre-Order Codes Are Not Working: Before the release of Battlefield 1 this was one of the main problems of PS4 players. Pre- order bonuses could not be redeemed. But now after the official sales start the problem should no longer exist. Just type the code again and try.

- PS4 / Xbox One - "Multiplayer Privileges Unavailable in Battlefield 1": This error message may appear when you try to connect to the multiplayer mode on the console. In this case, check the validity of your Gold or Plus membership and extend it if necessary. If this is not the case, you must contact the support of Microsoft or Sony.

- PC Lags and Frame Rate Dips: if you face with this issue then try the following: Update your graphics card drivers manually, then lower the graphic quality via the settings and close all unnecessary applications running in the background during the game. Now go back into the game and open the Task Manager where you set the priority of Battlefield 1 to "high" (via processes).

Input Lag For The PC Version: The only thing you can do with this problem is the stopping of DirectX 12.

- Matchmaking Problems And Server Lag: The rush on the servers of Battlefield 1 is as big as with hardly any other game. Therefore, you can just try again and hope that it will work. Unfortunately, there will be no other solution for now.

- Where Is The Hardcore Mode? : The hardcore mode desired by many fans is not yet included in Battlefield 1 when it is sold. It is to be integrated shortly after the release into the game. Until then you have to settle for the regular settings.

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