Battlefield 1: Fix bugs, errors and problems (beta)

Battlefield 1 open beta is now available to all players. Of course, the unfinished version still suffers from a few bugs, server disruptions, errors and technical problems with certain hardware. Some problems you can deal with simple workarounds, while for others you have to wait for the developer to fix them. Below we give you known issues and solution to the most common problems.

Distribution of early access codes

The Early Access phase is already over, but again: Even players who had already registered for Battlefield may have not obtained the Early Access Key. After the first wave of keys simply DICE had a problem with the mail server, over a wave was not sent.

Battlefield 1 does not start / No server connection to Beta

With such a large game like Battlefield 1, the rush to the server is expected to be immense. Currently constantly loses your connection to the servers of EA, there's nothing you can do against it, except to try it again.

Battlefield 1 is constantly minimized

For many players, the problem occurs that the game is minimized right after the start and can no longer be maximized. Try out with the key combination Alt + Enter. If that does not help, you have to wait for a fix from the developer.

Battlefield 1 beta DirectX error

For some players it comes to crashes, followed by DirectX error message. In contrast, you can proceed as follows:

- Perform a right click on the game in the Origin client.
- Select the Game Properties.
- Now Set Disable Origin overlay.

Keys is continually reset

With this bug you cannot permanently change the key assignment for the vehicle control. Once you have assigned the new keys and exit the menu, they are reset to their default settings. For this problem, there is still no solution and you must use the standard allocation or refrain from using the vehicles in the game.

How to modify in the Beta arms?

This function is not in the beta, but only in the retail version. You can unlock new weapons only by the War Bonds, but cannot modify them further.

Black Screen

If you get a black screen during the startup, but can hear the background music, then you must usually wait a little longer because the load time is somewhat lengthy. If the problem persists, ensure that you have not run the program TeamViewer in the background. Turning off that has fixed the problem in some players.

Classes will not get any rank climbs

A known bug, the XP rewards are issued only for the first game on a server. Therefore, after each match you should change to another server in order to always get the whole XP rewards.

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