Battlefield 1: All ground vehicles at a glance

In Battlefield 1, players have 3 different tanks to choose from. Among them are Light Tank, Heavy Tank and the so-called Landship. These ground vehicles can be customized in different categories, as in terms of weapons, in the passenger configuration or other equipment options.

Light Tanks

- Passengers: 1 driver, who is also handling the weapons simultaneously
- Weapons: Main cannon + subweapons with shotgun ammunition
- Skills: Poison gas + Medikit drop

The cannon of the light tank is highly effective against houses and other vehicles. In contrast, the shotgun is well suited for use as a secondary weapon against infantry. The change between the arms takes a few seconds, unfortunately you need it to adjust.

The light tank is very small and therefore is particularly well suited for fighting in cities. So it can be much more agile to move in the streets and the own defense liberate the poison gas. Also allied units benefit from the light tank, because you have the opportunity to drop Medikits. However, it is not too well armored.

Heavy Tank

- Passengers: 1 driver + 5 Gunner
- Weapons: Cannon + sidearm with shotgun ammunition + Gunner-MG
- Skills: mines + smoke

The gravity tank is probably the most powerful ground vehicle in Battlefield 1. However, this large tank is very sluggish and moves very slowly. Also, the above turret is not rotating, so that the driver needs to rotate it each time. For this reason it is recommended to occupy the places in the tank, because here are 6 players place. In any case, you should always place someone who can protect the inertial tank.

The Gunner shoots virtually from heavy tank out. You have only one gun, which is obviously weak.

The heavy tank can drop mines and smoke. So it is possible for opponents to block the view and to make themselves in an emergency situation from the field.


- Passengers: 1 Driver + 2 Gunners
- Weapons: MG for the driver + gun and shotgun for Gunner
- Skills: Drop ammo boxes + Medikits

Both Gunners sit in the Landship to the right and left and have the big guns under control. Due to the passenger distribution in the tank you should definitely have at least two, so one controls the Landship and the other shoots. Otherwise, the Landship must stop if you are alone and go into one of the Gunner courts to inflict more damage.

The Landship is very wide and long, unlike the light tanks. Therefore, it is very difficult to operate in cities or other tight areas. The best location is the Landship to destroy other ground vehicles.

All three tanks have infinitely ammunition. However, the guns need to be reloaded. A lower right corner informs you how much ammunition or how much income can still consume.

Armored cars, motorcycles with sidecars and horses

In addition to the tanks above, there are also smaller armored cars. They stand around in many places. These cars are nimble and take you quickly from one place to another. They are ideal for the fight against infantry, bigger guns make it but quickly flattened because its armor cuts badly towards the real tanks.

In addition, you will also get motorcycles with sidecars in Battlefield 1, where two players can be accommodated and the fight on horseback is already confirmed – as they were quite often used in battle in World War I.

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