Civilization VI (Civ 6) all Victory Conditions guide

Sid Meier's Civilization V is the latest entry in the Civilization strategy game series. Compared to its predecessors, Civilization 6 undergoes some changes. For example, there is a new religion victory, which replaces diplomacy. Furthermore, the details of the individual types of victories are modified and more precisely controlled in combination with the introduction of policies. In spite of the complex game system, you will be gradually introduced into the game.

The Scientific Victory: Success through research

If you want to lead your civilization through science to victory, you have only a small thing to do: build the first colony on Mars. What?! The moon is not enough and the world is not enough! Therefore, you should work on researches that will allow you to build the space port. The rocket science is important. Once you've explored this, all other players will be alerted, who are also targeting these types of victories.

As soon as you can push into the atmosphere, you should send a human being to the moon, which requires satellite technology. This starts the lunar project, which is followed by the Mars project. With this you get the research options: nanotechnics, nuclear fission and robotics. Complete all of these and you win the race for Mars and the game.

The following steps are particularly important:

- Several space harbors let you get the final research more quickly.
- Build early on science through libraries and other buildings / districts that enhance your research.
- Focus your policies on research and science

The Domination Victory: With armor, missiles and robots to victory

The civilization victory is given to civilization, which ultimately has its capital. This has the advantage that you don’t have to conquer all the main cities of your competitors, but you have to keep your own. So do diplomacy and let your opponents fight each other.

The less civilizations that rule over their capital, the more dangerous it becomes for you to get out of this competition. For example if you are using your entire fighting power to get one of the last players to draw their capital, another can easily attack your enemies. Therefore, always look for adequate protection for your cities and always keep an eye on the other peoples.

These things are important for the domination victory:

- Logical: A strong army.
- A political orientation that brings out the maximum of your forces.
- Investigate as early as possible advanced military units to have an advantage over the others.

The Religious Victory: Mission And Spread Of Faith

The religion victory is a completely new way to go in Civilization 6 as a winner from the competition of peoples. As the diplomacy is lost, religion takes its place. It is your goal to spread your faith so that all other civilizations share it.

With the new units of missionaries and apostles, you can spread your faith beyond your borders. These can even wage war, although the peoples are not in war with each other. For reasons, you can create a religion with the help of prophets, who are created at the beginning by your generated faith. Both familiar religions and a very personal one are at your disposal.

For the religious victory you need the following:

- Holy places and other buildings / districts, which generate as much faith as possible.
- Missionaries and apostles to spread your faith.
- In part, your religion grows passive even as long as your faith is dominant enough.

The Cultural Victory: Knowledge Doubles, If One Shares It

The civil achievement in Civilization 6 could also be described as a tourism achievement. The more people you can bring to your countries, the closer you get to the cultural victory. The condition for this victory is that you attract more tourists from other countries in yours than the inhabitants of the other states make holiday in their home. This sounds awkward, but the view in Civilization 6 will give you a good overview.

A well functioning trade network, cultural products and open policies as well as alliances will help you generate many tourists.

For The Cult Victory / Achievement You Need This:

- Trade routes, open borders, great works, relics, artifacts, world-wide and everything that is worth seeing for tourists.
- Create enough museums and special buildings / districts, which can exhibit great works.
- Create as many great personalities as possible from the cultural sphere.

The Time Victory 

In 2050, you should have the highest score of all civilizations. Another prerequisite is that none of the peoples has previously reached one of the other victorious types. The length of the game you can determine individually. If the year 2050 is not enough, you can adjust it. Maybe you want to have the hands-up already in the Middle Ages or only in the distant future.

For the time point victory, factors such as:

- Population
- Number of cities
- Military successes
- Religion
- Technologies
- Worldwide
- Great personalities

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