Civilization VI (Civ 6) - strategy guides and tips

Before venturing into the Civilization 6, you should consider the faction with whom you would like to explore, fight and run through the ages. You will find an overview of all civilizations. The strengths of the civilizations are very balanced and versatile. Some nations are particularly good at the beginning, like the Scythians or Aztecs, others are very strong at later times (USA, Japan). Let's start with the basic mechanics of Civilization 6.

Tips: Lead Cities and Promote Their Growth

So that your cities don’t become deserted, you should always ensure the optimal spread and support for the needs of your inhabitants. By means of amenity you can experience the mood of the population. Through cultural or entertaining buildings you can increase this. Luxury goods and achievements are also very beneficial. The amenities, combined with sufficient food, will help the growth of your cities:

- Build corn storage and water mills early in the game to crank up the growth.
(If you have enough gold to build a new city, you should quickly buy a grain store).

- Over time, the cities will receive additional inhabitants, which will promote the growth of borders and productivity.

- In the lower right-hand side of the screen you can define a focus of your civilization. Therefore the following services are strengthened:
Science, food, production, gold and faith.

- Settlers display lets you view suitable settlements for future cities.
(You can use a marking needle to mark suitable places so that you do not lose them later).

Exploration and City

Particularly at the beginning it is advisable to send scouts. Two units should suffice. Through them, you can close quick contact with city states or explore ruins, which can offer you various bonuses. You could also concentrate on the early modernization of railing fields, but these don’t always bring you as fast success as city states. In the course of time, you create your ambassadors, who can improve your relationship with the city states.

- The more messengers you send to a city state, the more bonuses you receive.

- Once you have reached a certain number, you will become a Suzeran and, if necessary, you can control the city's military for 30 rounds against a gold amount.

- Other peoples also have interested in the city states, which is why you should adjust to your consequences.

Research, Orientation and Policy - Tips for the Budget

Through your buildings you can collect points in science and culture. Through these you drive two different development trees. One stands for the research, through which new technologies can be opened up and thus better units and buildings can be erected. The second tree deals with your orientation and influences new policies and bonuses of all kinds.

- Try to set an early goal in the field of research, so that you can research the necessary prerequisites.

- Politics can be freely chosen by you and sorted into three categories in the politics menu: Military, business, diplomacy, jokers

- Joker policies serve as an additional bonus as the fields for policies are limited.

- You can replace policies for exploring a new one, or exchange them for gold.

Tips on Movement and Struggle

The movement in Civilization 6 is made possible again by movement points. Each unit has a different number of them at the beginning of a new round. Cavalry and Scouts can travel further distances than infantry or settlers, craftsmen, etc. Each flat terrain field consumes a movement point. Fields with forests, jungles or hills need two points of movement and can only be entered if your unit has enough points.

- Forests and hills limit the field of view of your units.

- Usually only individual units can stand on a terrain field.

- You can combine non-military units with military units to create an escort.

- Equal military units can be joined into armies.

The battle in Civilization 6 is again led to land, water or air. Each unit has its own combat strength, which is balanced in the event of a fight against the strength of the opponents. A higher value wins the battle. However, there are strengths and weaknesses as cavalry is very vulnerable to spearheads and effective against distance fighters.

- For a city to defend, it needs a city wall.

- Units can receive battle bonuses through their environment.
(Hills, sea, forests, own and foreign continent).

- You can occupy a potential settlement with military units so that other civilizations do not settle there (attention: this can have political consequences)

Tips on Religion

Spain, in particular, has a focus on religion. Through them, you can generate great personalities or improve the comfort in a city. At the beginning of a game, civilization will enter a race for the first prophet. Whoever receives it can be the first to establish a religion, whereby you receive many bonuses. Here you have the choice, whether you want a real religion or create your own. This can then get its own symbol from you and you can set the properties of the religion.

- With religion, you can get missionaries who can spread your religion.

- Missionaries can convert and even fight other civilizations.

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