DB Xenoverse 2: Farm Dragon Balls / fulfill Shenlong wishes

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you’ll receive Dragon balls as random reward for completing parallel quests. Within these missions, you must defeat a particular opponent or fulfill a special additional condition. Once you have collected all the Dragon Balls, you can place them on the podium, whereupon Shenlong appears that you fulfilled a wish.

The fastest way to farm Dragon Balls

To collect the Dragon Balls you start the round building in Conton City. Here the small robots give you the respective missions. For the best farm method you go as follows.

- Start parallel Quest 4.
- Defeat the first three opponents Krillin, Tien and Yamcha as soon as possible.
- After three regular soldiers appear. Don’t travel through the portal but speak to them. Accept challenge and defeat all three. With a bit of luck you’ll get the Key Item "Dragon Ball".
- Therefore, appears the message "key item obtained", play the mission to end. If you have not had any luck, then you can restart the mission at this point.
- Repeat this process as often as you want. On average you get every third attempt a new Dragon Ball.

Once you collected seven Dragon balls, go to the podium. Here you can summon Shenlong, who now fulfills your wish.

All Wishes and Rewards from Shenlong

For seven Dragonballs you will fulfill a wish of the holy dragon Shenlong. However, the wishes of your character are somewhat unclear. Therefore, we show you wishes and respective rewards in detail below:

I want money! - 500,000 zeni
I want a rare object! - Give yourself a rare item or a rare material.
I want to get dressed! - Get a rare piece of equipment.
I want to be stronger! - Enable you an immediate level upgrade.
I want a new Ultimate Attack! - Get a random Shenlong - Exclusive Ultimate Attack.
I want a new super attack! - Get a random Shenlong - Exclusive Super attack.
I want more playable characters - Unlock new characters.
I want a second chance! - Attribute points of your character are reset and you can redistribute them.
I want to look damn good! - You can change the appearance of your character.
I want medals - Deliver medals.

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