DB Xenoverse 2: Unlock Unknown History / Secret Ending guide

In this guide to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, we will show how you can unlock the secret ending and the associated mission "Unknown History"

After watching the last chapter, "Warriors from the Demon World," you may notice that you have not yet reached a 100% match in the player statistics. In addition, you can unlock a secret additional mission called "Unknown History", which will reveal the true ending to you.

To unlock the "Unknown History" mission for the secret ending, you have to complete five lengthy quest series in the five seasons that hover over Conton City. For each completed quest series, you get an egg at the end, so you have to have a total of five eggs. Then you have to go to Supreme Kai near the Time Vaults and talk to Trunks.

For unlocking the secret ending, you also earn the hidden Achievement "Defiance in the Face of Despair".

Below, you’ll find complete walkthrough for the five quest series. If you don’t plan on a quest line, it may be because your level is too low. In such a case you have to wait and try it later. At the latest with Level 75, you should be able to master all five quest lines.

Egg -1: Hercule’s House

Complete all six Saiyamen quests in Hercule’s House. When you enter the house, turn right and you can find it in the yard. If they are not available, then you have to talk to them in the shop / Kame house. You can ignore the quests of Hercule for the secret ending. Only the Saiyamen quests are important for this.

Egg - 2: Capsule Corporation

Complete all four bouts against Vegeta. You can find it in the left section. If he doesn’t offer you a fight, you are still too weak and your level is too low. So improve your skills and come back to Vegeta later.

Egg - 3: Guru’s House

You have to defend the Guru’s House a total of 10 times. Speak with Nail in the house area and accept his quest. After completing the first quest, you will be given a note in the upper right corner of the screen that the house will be attacked from time to time. This is the time when Nail will offer you another quest.

During these quests, you must collect Dragon Balls. The quest consists of six parts and, after completion, it returns to the beginning. But still you have to continue the quests until you have completed a total of ten. Only then is the prerequisite for unlock of the secret ending fulfilled. Then talk to the Guru who reinforces your wishes from Shenron.

Egg - 4: Majin Buu’s House

Give food to Buu until he has six kids. You can find food in the blue orbs scattered across Conton City. You will find them mostly in the hills areas.

Egg - 5: Frieza’s Spaceship

In Freezers spaceship, you have to complete all 17 quests. Not all quests will appear here and you have to visit the Orbiter several times to accept new ones. So, in the middle of the game, you can do parallel quests. Then you’ll get a message on the top right, that a new quest is available on the spaceship. In addition, the quests always require a certain level, which you have to fulfill.

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