Destiny: Full Heroic / Hard Mode guide - defeat Aksis and Vosik

In general the Heroic or the hard mode in Destiny Wrath of the Machine is not too difficult if one is already familiar with the mechanics. The opponents are even stronger and you cannot revitalize your team members.

There are no major innovations in the first phase of Vosik. The mechanics remain the same. The boss has more armor, so you’ll need it longer to kill him disappear.

Also the second phase of Vosik remains the same: you throw bombs at him to destroy his shield, you shoot the monitors and hide in the rooms.

- In the bomb phase, now drop six bombs. Therefore, each guardian must take one and throw it at Vosik. Two bombs on the left side, the right side and in the middle of the ceiling.

- In the monitor phase you have to worry about the big monitors:

These have more life energy than the small screens, so you should shoot better in the team.

- When you run into the rooms, the entrances are almost completely closed. So you have to call them and crawl down through, or just squat.

By the way, there is now also a "red" chest loot for the heroic mode.

The Siege Engine In Heroic Mode

In the Siege Engine, you'll find more and more powerful Adds. In addition, the siege engine is slightly faster. Otherwise, everything starts as usual.

The biggest difference to normal mode is that Meksis also shows a runner, a "Walker". Defeat him or shoot him in one foot until he goes down, and quickly go past him.

Aksis - Phase 1 in Heroic Mode

The mechanics remain same, the only difference (in addition to stronger Adds) is: There are now three guns (middle, left and right). You cannot destroy the guns with weapon force, but deactivate them only for a while. After about 20 seconds, they become active again. You can never completely eliminate this threat during the battle. Don’t forget them. They do a lot of damage, but they can be disabled quickly.

Aksis – Phase 2 in Heroic Mode

Aksis seems a little more aggressive than before and you have to be careful with the more powerful adds. The guns are no longer there. Basically, you only have to make a change: 9 servitors instead of 3, drop bombs. These come directly after each other - as soon as one is destroyed, the next comes directly. Therefore, the tempo is significantly increased. Otherwise it is the familiar mechanics.

At the very end, if Aksis wants to wipe you out with his last attempt, he does not stand still at first, but disappears from time to time. But as soon as he raises his hand, everything is as before.

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