Dragon Quest Builders - roof repair and reward guide

In Dragon Quest Builders, you have to complete challenges in order to unlock bonuses. One of these challenges is to repair a roof.

In order to repair the roof, you must first find a house that has holes on the roof (This you'll get in the second chapter). It is important that you have already received the blue portal. Go through and reach the west side of the map. In the video below you'll see where you'll find the house with the broken roof.

Repair the roof

To get the necessary materials to repair the roof, you have to start the quest. There are two chests on the terrace of the house. One of them you can open and the other you cannot. The first chest holds a piece of paper which entrusts you with the mission to complete the roof. You will get the following materials:

2x flat roof
10x pitch roof
5x roof-outside corner
1x roofing

What you have to do now is very simple. Run from the roof and repair all holes. Once you have done it, the gray box will open and you can open it. Another piece of paper would like to thank you that you have repaired the roof and will reward you with the blueprints for the individual chocks for a roof. Now you can finally build roofs in your settlements. The following video also shows you how to fix the roof.

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