FIFA 17: Alex Hunter - Important attributes and traits

In this guide to FIFA 17, we will give you an overview of all the attributes and their traits / properties and give you some useful tips on how you could distribute the skill points from Alex Hunter.

If you don’t you know how you can get fastest skill points In FIFA 17? It is quite simple: Spend as much time as possible on the lawn. Once your credit rating increases, you will get skill points, namely exactly one per rise. Unfortunately, not very much, which is why a rapid rise in the rating is important. In our guide to story mode "The Journey" , we give you some useful tips for more effective approach.

Overall, there are six different attributes, which in turn comprise at least two traits. In this you can distribute the skill points from Alex Hunter. Whichever you decide, depends primarily on what position your choice has fallen. In the following list we want to give you some useful information on specific traits and attributes.

Striker: The Striker involve, in particular on the attributes dribbling, shooting and tempo. The property is ball control when dribbling the most important skill in which you should invest your skill points. In addition, the property Finesse shot is vital and ultimately the ability of second air, so you can have increased energy at the end of the game.

Central Attacking Midfielder: If you decide for letting play Alex Hunter in position ZOM, you have to get especially on the attributes of dribbling, passing and shooting. Also in the central midfield ball control trait is essential. In addition, you should distribute your skill points in the short and long passes and long shots.

LF and RF: When right or left winger or RA and LA, depending on which of abbreviations you prefer, you see the attribute dribbling, passing and accurate tempo. Concentrate on the traits of ball control, flank and sprint pace and acceleration. Finally Alex Hunter must be very fast in this position.

We have compiled you a complete overview of the attributes and their traits below:

Required Skill Points
Body Power Header Your header's goal become stronger. 2 Skill Points
Body Throwing Your objections access to the area. 1 Skill Point
Body Strength Your strength is increased. 2 Skill Points
Body Weak foot Your skill with the weak foot is improved. 1 Skill Point
Defensive Straddle Your opponent is improved 1 Skill Point
Dribbling Flair Your chance to hack passports and chic Ball assumptions is increased. 1 Skill Point
Dribbling Ball control Your ball control is improved. 1 Skill Point
Dribbling Dribbling Your dribbling skills will be improved 2 Skill Points
Dribbling Special Movements Your special motion value is enhanced to perform a variety of dribbling 2 Skill Points
Fit Short Passes Your short passes can be improved. 2 Skill Points
Fit Long Passing Your long shots can be improved 2 Skill Points
Fit Flanks The precision of your flanks is increased 1 Skill Point
Shoot Finesse shot The effectiveness of curled shots is increased. 2 Skill
Shoot Long shots Your shots outside the box to be more specific 3 Skill Points
Shoot Penalty Your penalty be improved 1 Skill Point
Shoot Accuracy kick The precision of your free kicks is increased. 1 Skill Point
Tempo Second air Your energy end of the game is increased. 2 Skill Points
Tempo Sprint tempo Your speed is increased 3 Skill Points
Tempo Acceleration You reach your top speed faster 3 Skill Points

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