Mafia 3: guide to all endings - good / bad

In Mafia 3, you will encounter a total of three different endings. In this guide, we will show you how to reach each endings and what you must consider until the last mission.

Of course, we want to warn everyone who has not yet played Mafia 3 until the last mission: There are some spoilers in this guide that can not be avoided with this topic.

As already mentioned, there are three different endings in Mafia 3. However, after the death of Sal Marcano you have only two different mission points on the map. This is because a part is divided into two options. Unfortunately, not all endings can be tried. Besides, there is no really "good" ending in Mafia 3. It is much more important how you stand to the individual characters and in whose opinion you end up in the end. In addition, the destiny of the city of New Bordeaux is changing. We are trying to categorize the whole thing here for you, so you get a rough impression.

Mafia 3 Ending 1: Leave the City / Town (Good Ending)

This is the end of your relationship with the Father. After the death of Marcanos, Lincoln leaves the city. He begins a new life, but is always on the run from the FBI. The priest regularly receives postcards from him and is happy that he can lead a half-way normal life.

However, the city is taken over by the underboss, who you have supported most. In our case Cassandra takes the reins and leads the city gradually into the abyss. In the end, New Bordeaux becomes a ghost town and the few remaining people are talking about the better times.

After the credits, you can reload the game and land again at the point before you made your decision. So you can try this variant before you finally decide. This is no longer the case for the other options as they take place in the city.

Mafia 3 Ending 2: Rule Together (Bad Ending)

If you go to Bayou, you can choose from two options. Here we will discuss the situation in which you rule the city with your subordinates. However, not all of them have to be alive. This end is also possible when only two or even an ally is alive. If you have all of them, then you must divide the districts equally. So no one gets angry and goes against your empire on the barricades.

If there are other players in the end, you can build a future together with them. In this way, the city flourishes again. Lincoln becomes the new Sal Marcano, but makes much better. He donates to organizations, takes care of schools and hospitals and ensures that the amusement park is rebuilt.

The FBI is still not able to grab him. However, you must live with the Father's hatred for Lincoln. So much so that he wants him to die. After the credits you will be thrown back into the game world. Without the chance to choose one of the other options.

Mafia 3 Ending 2: Rule Alone (Bad Ending)

Again, if you start the mission at Bayou, the decision for the gangster life is firm. You cannot change it in this run. However, you can still decide to rule alone by shooting your remaining comrades. Here, it does not matter how many of your colleagues have survived.

After the encounter, Lincoln leaves the house and get into his car. As soon as he turns the ignition key, he goes up into flames. In the end, Father James tells him that he has placed the bomb under the car to stop Lincoln from becoming Marcano. In the interview, he does not regret his actions.

The FBI has dropped the case many years ago without reference to Father James. Agent Maguire is still being followed by Clay's deeds.

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