Quick guide to all Game Modes in Battlefield 1

In Battlefield 1, we move into the First World War and some of the game modes from the predecessors are back with the game. In this quick guide, we will show you how the modes work and for whom they are suitable.


Up to 32 soldiers per side can fight on a single map with flight and vehicles support around several flag points. Each flag, which is owned by a team, brings points of time for the team. The more flags a team holds, the faster the points. If a team reaches 1,000 points, it wins the match. If a team falls far behind the other team, it gets a Behemoth to support. Due to the explosive power of the tanks, it is difficult to entrench themselves and the game world will not surpass any part without damage, since environment can be severely destroyed by new mechanics. If you had just been able to save yourself behind a wall, it might be broken by the chains of a tank a minute later.


Up to 32 players per side are released on a first map. This is divided into several sectors in which it is to conquer the attackers between one and three battlefield targets. The defenders try to prevent this, of course, and draw a ticket / life from the attacking team with every kill. Medics can prevent the trigger by resuscitation. If the attackers conquered all three targets at the same time, one sector is conquered and the defenders have to move back into the next sector - that goes to the last and decisive sector. If that happens, continue on the next map. Operations last over two, sometimes even three, maps.

But if the defenders are able to withdraw all the tickets from the attackers, it is not yet over: the attackers get two more chances. Each time, they support a behemoth with enormous firepower (either a zeppelin, an armored train or a battleship).


The attacking team (it is played 12 vs 12) has a limited number of tickets / lives and has to break two telegraph masters per sector. Laying the bomb takes a moment, until the blasting triggers a certain time. Within this time the defenders can try to defuse the bomb again. In addition, the defenders of a telegraph post can trigger an artillery strike, which is directed against currently enlightened (marked) targets. If the attackers are able to destroy all the posts before the tickets go out, they have won. If the tickets go ahead, win the defenders.

War Pigeons

This is a modified Capture-the-Flag mode. Somewhere on the map is found a Homing pigeon and the teams with 12 men each try to capture the dove. When a soldier gets the dove, he automatically begins to write a message - when he is standing still, it is much faster than fighting or moving. Then he leaves the dove free. For a few seconds, the enemy can try to shoot the dove. If they do not, the team that sent the pigeon gets a point (and an air strike against the enemy is triggered). The team, which first collected three points, wins.

Team Deathmatch

This mode is as simple as popular: two teams of 12 players each face each other on the cap. Each kill draws a ticket from the opponent. If you don’t have any more tickets, you lose the match.


This is the infantry version of Conquest mode. On a smaller map only infantry soldiers in 12 against 12 games will face each other. This requires different equipment and a different game behavior than in the Conquest mode. Due to the lack of firepower of the vehicles, the advance will be somewhat slower and a different tactical approach will be required. Instead of great offensives, you will expect a tough house fight, where you have to try and conquer flags.

Being entrenched is much more effective, since less of the environment is destroyed. If your opponent wants to get out of the cover, it is recommended to use a combination of normal and gas grenades. An important aspect of the supremacy mode is that firing does not bring points for your team. The main focus is on taking strategically important points. This creates a counterpart to the Team Deathmatch, which is primarily about the killings of the players. The team, which first reaches 100 points, wins the game.

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