VC: Make Money Quickly in WWE 2K17 - guide

In WWE 2K17, for those of you who don’t want to play the career mode, earning VC has not been very tingly. In the new wrestling game, you will get more opportunities to get the virtual money. Maybe it's because you'll need more of it now. Are you fans from online or from the Exhibition mode, you will rejoice. Here, you can now also fighting for Virtual Currency.

For example, you may devote yourselves to 2K Tonight. Here you get offered new challenges regularly. In this simple online battle you can quickly earn VC, while improving your prestige. Simply play all matches and build a winning streak on to get more bonuses. However, the secret to quickly earned VC, lies not in the modes, but in earning stars that you can see in the left upper corner of the screen.

5 Stars And Earn More VC

The 2017 offshoot requires of you a lot more than a victory. Here you will be properly rewarded if you are actually wrestling and not just fighting. The audience wants to be entertained and your task (and your opponent's) is to make the audience scream. The five star gets, when you click the "Back And Forth", "Personal Flair" that respects "Unforgettable Moments", the "Big Drama" and the "Move-diversity". The following tips help you to get all 5 stars and earn more VC in this way.

- Pay attention to apply many different moves. It may be that it is easier to enter the opponent when he is on the ground. But the audience will be rather bored and waste your stamina unnecessarily. Provides variety!

- Irritating the match out until you fully have all 5 stars. Even in online mode, it's no longer just about winning match in a quick succession.

- Jump ropes, using ladders or tables and set neatly submissions. Pay attention to the audience and keep to their reactions. So you will quickly get 5 stars and get a full bonus on VC.

- If you only divide and don’t let the enemy come to attack, the audience will also get bored. You should aim balance of offense and defense, because counter attack delight audiences.

- If you are not offended when your opponent mounts a pin and manage to escape to the second beat can scream audiences and shine your 5 star brighter. Also use your signature moves and try to be creative.

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