DB Xenoverse 2: best way to farm Zeni

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you need money for just about anything and the best way to farm in-game currency / Zeni with parallel quests. Here, you will receive various items for successful completion of the mission, which you can sell profitably. But which parallel quests are best suited to farm Zeni? If you have not advanced so far in the game and still under level 50, you should always play Parallel Quest 12 "Simian Battlefront."

Best way to farm Zeni lower Level - below 50

For this method, you must play Parallel Quest 12 "Monkey Front". For the successful conclusion you have to defeat Vegeta, Dodoria and Zarbon. In addition, you should do the enemies in the following order.

- Defeat all plant men first.
- Then fight against Dodoria and Zarbon before you fight against Vegeta. Otherwise, the quest is terminated prematurely.
- If you finally defeated Vegeta, you can compete against Turles in the Underground Lake.
- Fight against Turles until you get the Ultimate Finisher that marks the successful completion of the quest.
- As a reward, you will receive the battle suit of Turles, which will give you 20,000 Zeni on sale.

You can repeat the quest as often as you like, and you can master it every five minutes. By selling Turles' combat suit you earn 100,000 Zeni in 30 minutes.

Best way to farm Zeni from Level 50

If you have already passed level 50, it is recommended to play Parallel Quest 4 "Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!" to earn more Zeni. You can complete this mission in four minutes, and you will receive 8,000 and 30,000 worth of Badges. Together with the other rewards, you can earn about 45,000 Zeni per turn. Also note the following things.

- Defeat Krillin, Tien, and Yamchu, and then talk with the Time Patroller.
- Then fight and defeat Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Son Goku.
- This method is also best suited to farm Dragon balls.
- Mira, Future Trunks and Beerus should accompany you as a companion.

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