DB Xenoverse 2: Unlock Super Saiyan Transformation - guide

In Dragonball Xenoverse 2, it's up to you to save the city and become a hero. You can even import your character from previous installment and fight with him. If you create a new fighter, be sure to choose Saiyajin race. As in Xenoverse 1, only this class can become a super Saiyajin.

If you are a super Saiyajin, you don’t just look cool. All attributes get a boost so you can not only get more damage, but also you can be faster and get more attacks. Depending on the level, the attributes intensify once more and you will be almost invincible.

The transformation to the Super Saiyajin takes place in battle. For the first time, your Ki Bar is important and it is up to you to decide which level you accept. Before that you have to unlock the transformation to Super Saiyajin.

If you want to be a super Saiyajin, you have to pay attention to the followings:

- You must reach level 40 to unlock the mission, which in turn causes the transformation.
- There is no blue or god version of the Super Saiyan.
- If you change into the super variant in combat, keep all the Ki Bars. You will not be deducted.
- In addition, you don’t lose the transformation during the battle. You always stay on the same level.

This Is How You Unlock The Transformation

- First you must make sure that you have chosen Saiyajin as a race.
- Reached Level 40 to make Vegeta's second training mission available.
- Now talk to Vegeta in Capsule Corporation. This is not meant Vegeta as a champion in Conton-City. Rather, you have to travel to him by teleportation.
- Now complete his mission and speak with Bulma and Trunks.
- Return to Vegeta to unlock the next quest.
- In this you must fight against SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta.
- If you have completed the mission, you will unlock the transformation.

If you are in the battle for Super Saiyajin, your Ki Bar must have at least 3 bars. Then you transform into the SSJ 1. For SSJ 2 you must have 4 Ki Bars, for SSJ 3 even at least 5.

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