Farming Simulator 17: Equip Tuning, Rent and Bargain guide

In the latest edition of the farming simulation video game series, Farming Simulator 17, there are various dealers for livestock and equipment. With them you can buy, sell, rent and even rent your own machines. If you do everything right, you will make bargains and get good profits on sales. In this guide to FS 17, we show you how to deal with the merchants.

Bargain When You Buy

At the dealer, there is a promotion category. Regularly this property can be modified and adapted, so that you can purchase your dream machine at a low price. Occasionally equipment from a particular manufacturer are sold in the offer. If you like a particular brand, then you should always keep an eye on such deals.

Rent Equipment Rather Than Buy

Occasionally, you will perform unique work. For this you also need devices. But before you spend your money on buying such equipment you should always observe the cost-benefit whether to buy or rent those equipment.

To rent equipment, you have the dealer instead of the Buy option, select the Rent option. If you have decided on a machine, then you pay an initial fee for the rent and then an hourly charge. So make a plan before renting a device so you don’t waste time.

Sell Equipment

In FS 17, you can sell your own stuff. In merchant window you have access to your garage and there you can choose which devices want to sell. Here, you have to note two things: The age and wear of the machine up for sale. This is important:

- The older your machine is, the higher the daily maintenance costs. So you have to spend the day on which the devices don’t cost more than they generate. So sell your devices at the right time. You will get 20% more revenue on the sale of machinery.

Tune Your Machines

Even a farmer has the right to individual devices. After all, the fun is not just reserved for racing drivers. You are allowed to Tune and Adjust your equipment a little. The whole thing also takes place at the merchants. After purchase, you can tune your machines as often as you like. Go to the dealer and place your machine at the icon that indicates below. In anyway not all devices can be adapted but basically you can do the following:

- Appearance including Color
- Tire
- Motor
- Front loader attachment

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