Laptop Locations Cheats and Codes in Modern Warfare Remastered

In the Remastered version of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you can officially enable cheat codes. In order to get access to the cheats, you must first find all Intel Laptops in the campaign. In this guide we show you where you can find these Intel collectibles and what effects the cheats have.

A total of 30 Intel Laptops are hidden in the campaign of Modern Warfare Remastered. The video below shows you all of their locations. If you know about where they are, you should not miss them, because they shine brightly towards you. In case if you miss one of the Intel collectibles, it is also not so bad as you can reload the campaign mission and go to the location of the laptop.

Modern Warfare - All Cheat Codes And Their Effects

Once you have found all laptops, then you have already the cheat code in the menu and you can get started. You will then have the opportunity to use specific color filter to turn heads your opponent in melons or decrease the game speed to 40%. You may use the cheat codes only at the second play-through since they will logically unlock first.

The following list gives you an overview of all cheats and codes in the campaign

CoD Noir - Activate black and white color filter.
Photo-negatives - Enables inverted colors.
Super Contrast - Enables high contrast.
Ragtime Warfare - Enables color filter
Cluster Bombs - A grenade explodes five times.
Melon Heads – Enemy Heads turn into watermelon and explode.
A Bad Year - Enemies become tires after death.
Lemon-Nade - Grenades become lemon and produce a yellow fountain while exploding.
Slow-Mo Ability - The game speed decreases to 40% and creates a slow-motion effect.
Ragdoll Impact - The ragdoll effect is increased with killed enemies.
Zakhaev's Sons - Transform all enemies into Victor Zakhaev and equip them with a rocket launcher.
Infinite Ammo - Infinity ammunition for all weapons.

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