The Division: tips on how to use new World Rank System

In this guide to The Division, we give you some useful tips on how to use the new world rank system to your advantage.

Since Update 1.4, there are world ranks in The Division’s the Endgame. These ranks affect the levels of all enemies and the values of the loot and dealer items. The world-class system should thus enable a logical and meaningful advance, which was not available before.

Use the map to set the world ranking. Without loading times you can quickly change the world around you - and use this system with the following tips to your advantage.

Who Needs Expensive Mods?

With the world rank system, you get high quality, but cheap weapon and gear mods. For example, go to the specialist equipment dealer in the terminal. However, many other dealers also offer mods. The mods cost to rank four between 487 and 627 Phoenix Credits and are at object level 33.

However, a high object level does not indicate that one mod is better than another, but only that the chance of high stats is higher. Since in World-Tier 1 these mods only come at level 30, you must compare the stats of the mods. It may be that the mods on world rank 1 have the exact same stats as on world rank 4 with the only difference that the mods now cost between 56 and 72 Phönix credits. So here you can save several hundred Phönix Credits and still have the exact same effect.

If you prefer your currencies to invest in weapons and armor than in Mods, it may be worth buying the cheaper mods, even if you may lose a few percentage points in the bonuses. Mods are extremely important, which you can buy cheaply. They are critical to your equipment.

Get Crafting Materials Quickly and Cheaply

You will find blueprints in the game, which have the maximum Gear-Score. Crafting is worthwhile again. If you need materials, then we have some tip for you:

The fastest ways to create your own material is by dismantling and use parts for other items. If you just need items and don’t want to farm, you can also buy them from merchants, for example from the merchants in the operations base. On world rank 1, the objects are significantly cheaper than on world rank 4, but nevertheless, leave a lot of crafting materials during disassembly.

Weapons With Low Score For Alpha Bridge Build

With the Alpha Bridge set's talent, you can have up to 6 active talents on a weapon, if the wags are in both weapons of the same genre. However, only your primary weapon must have strong stats. You only need the talents from the secondary weapon. You also need weapons with high score and high attribute prerequisites to activate the talents. If your secondary weapon has a low value, the chance is higher that you have the prerequisites to activate all six talents at the same time.

Farm Phoenix Credits

The last tip is a farming method. With your well-equipped agent, you can lower the world rank, complete the "Clear Sky" attack in just a few minutes and get 100 Phoenix Credits after each pass.

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