Watch Dogs 2: multiplayer - tips to improve your gameplay

Compared to the previous game, the latest installment in the Watchdogs game series comes with a fully enhanced multiplayer. In three different modes, you play with friends or strangers through the city and hack the stuff. In this article we will explain the different multiplayer modes and give you some useful tips

Watchdog 2's multi-player mode features PvP and Coop modes. The game lets you choose whether you want to play online or offline. If you decide for the online option, the matchmaking system is constantly looking for multiplayer partners. This is to create a seamless transition to the multiplayer. So if you are more a solo player, this feature will help you get into the multiplayer.

Watch Dogs 2: Available Multiplayer Modes

There are three modes waiting for you to upgrade the single player gameplay. Not only you fight against other players, but you can also coop with others in the Coop. The hacker invasion, which is already known to the fans from the first watchdogs, is part of the game.

If you want to start a multiplayer match, just click through your hacker smartphone. By the app you start one of the three modes:

- Coop
- Hacker-Invasion
- Head Money Hunter

If you are always online, you will receive a note from time to time that a match has been found for you in multiplayer. This is what Ubisoft calls the "seamless multiplayer". This is currently still disabled because it caused too many errors and crashes.

If the matchmaking is always active, it tries to connect two players close together. In doing so, the system also takes into account whether you are being tracked or just discover the city. If you currently have free capacity, you will probably be shown more often that you can start a multiplayer match. But you don’t always receive a notification. The matchmaking system matches various factors, such as how long you are already online, when the last multiplayer match took place, and whether a suitable player is nearby.

Multiplayer Modes In Detail

If you want to play a multiplayer game, you can do it with a maximum of three friends. What three modes the Watchdogs 2 offers, we show you in the following:

Hacking Invasion (PvP) - (2 players): A player penetrates someone else's game and tries to hack him and prevent him from continuing. The "victim" must find the player and kill in a certain time.

Co-op (2 player): Together with a friend, you can explore the open world. In addition, there are certain secondary missions that can only be played in Coop mode. They randomly appear on the map and contain a goal that you have to eliminate.

Bounty Hunter (2 - 4 players): A player carries the money and is chased by AI policemen and up to two players. They must try to kill the hunted. He can still receive support from a Coop partner.

For example: if you are hunted by the police, a head-hunter match can start. Without loading times they join your game and try to eliminate you.

Tips for multiplayer: Seasons, rewards and etc.

Once we've tested the modes, you'll find useful tips on the three modes.

- In the modes, you will gain experience points, money and bonus points as soon as you finish your goals.

- Each mode has its own leaderboards. If you rise in the ranking, you will get specific clothing or other accessories for your character.

- To get these items, you must reach steps: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level also has different items as rewards.

- The best lists are regularly deleted. Every two to three weeks you have to fight back to the top.

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