World of Warcraft: Fix Long Loading Time and Lag Problem

Since Patch 7.1, many World of Warcraft players suffer from long loading times as soon as they log into the game or change the continent. We have a solution for you, which can noticeably reduce the time you have to spend on the loading screen.

Currently, there is the official forum of World of Warcraft some posts are discussed about the long load times, and several affected players reported that it takes several minutes for them to log in, and it takes a similar amount of time to travel to another continent.

Blizzards published a Solution to fix this issue, which is as follows: rename your cache folder in the installation directory of World of Warcraft and launch WoW to create a new cache folder. In fact, this step can help if you are using an outdated addon, which now causes problems.

However, most players will find no improvement with this solution. However, significantly more promising solution is currently available in the Reddit community forum.

The new streaming function of the launcher seems to have a negative impact on the loading times in WoW. The problem is: The feature is enabled by default. Start the launcher, open the "Options", select "Game settings" and change to the "Streaming" area. Enable checkmark "Enable Stream".

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