Super Mario Run: how to get all Coins - guide / tactics

Besides rescue Princess Peach, you must still collect plenty of coins and collect lots of Toads in Super Mario Run. Together with the small mushroom heads you can build your own kingdom and the coins serve to buy you new and great items. But before that happens, you have to bounce once through the levels.

In Super Mario Run, there are three different modes available, where you can watch romp hopping technology. In this guide, we will show you how the mobile game works, what things you should consider and what tips and tricks help you. Here we would like to explain the control in the first place:

- General: The game runs automatically, just tap on your screen and let the Mario jump over the obstacles and pits. You also have to jump over or on opponents, jump pits and jump into the air to collect coins. Actually, you should not have any big problems. Ultimately, it is only important that you get the right moment and get a smooth game flow.

- High jumps: Suffice a brief touch on the screen to make a normal jump. But if you want to jump higher and higher, you have to hold your finger long on the display.

- Rotation in the air: Mario can do a rotation in the air; just tap again on your screen while Mario is in the air. This helps you to delay the impact on the ground and also to destroy enemies.

- Brake in the air: You can slow down Mario while he is in the air; just swap with your fingers in jump opposite to the running direction. So the Mario loses his speed.

- Walls: Sure, you can also perform wall jump. Make sure to use them in tactical moments as you can only jump backwards because you jump off the wall. Maybe there are still a few coins that you have not yet reached.

- Landing: When Mario landing, he rolls off most. But he can also become a real bullet and eliminate enemies. With a simple tap on the screen while landing, Mario can perform a roll-off.

- Climbing: Mario runs while automatically to edge up, but he can also perform a jump to climb.

Incidentally, Mario jumps on his own over the normal enemies like Koopas or Goombas troops. But if you want to collect Coins, you must try to jump to the opponent's head.

Tips on items and tasks in the game

Below we’ll give you some useful tips and show you the important items and options that are available to you in the game.

- Mario has no real life in Super Mario Run. There are only bubbles that protect you. And at the beginning of each level you get 2 of them. If an opponent catches you or you fall down a pit, then one of the air bubbles catches you and jumps back to the start. The bubble bursts as soon as you tap on it and it starts again.

- Use Bubbles: You may also use the air bubbles. If you are passing through a colored coin, use the air bubble to get it. You find the air bubbles in the blocks, all hidden in the levels.

- Pause: There are blocks with an arrow. These are break blocks. If you don’t want just skip them, then you have the chance to catch a few breaths before they leave, as Mario stops here.

- Power-ups: These are located in the blocks. These are mushrooms and stars. Mario can use the mushroom to grow bigger and stronger. However, this is not true for Toad, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi. These characters get only 5 coins when picking a mushroom but they still fall into one hit. The star makes Mario so powerful for a short time that he is invincible and can pass through anything and everything.

- Colored coins: If you manage to collect all the pink coins in a level, then you unlock the purple and later the black coins, if you go through the level again. This also means that you can go through new, more challenging routes.

- Shop: The shop is there to help you with your coins. There are a lot of things you can use to improve your kingdom. So you should buy a rainbow bridge from which you can have up to five pieces. They unlock new areas of the map.

- My Nintendo account: You should associate Super Mario Run with your account, because that is the only way you can unlock new characters or get bonuses.

- Housing: You ought to build Bonus Game houses definitely because they increase your daily chance of coins and also possibility to get tickets for Toad rally.

You also have the option to adjust your difficulty level via the level selection and also change it whenever you want. In addition, you should know that the different, playable characters in Super Mario Run also have different qualities and abilities. Therefore, they are also to be used according to the situation. For example, Toad is the fastest of all, which is why he is sometimes more suited to collecting coins.

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