Manage Shops and Make Profit in Jurassic World Evolution

The easiest way to make some extra money in Jurassic World Evolution is to run a restaurant or other shop. Just running a store won’t bring you profit or extra money unless you manage it properly.

If you want to make your visitors happy, then you must rely on a varied selection of additional attractions. Choose different stores and don’t put them all on one area of the island. Make sure that the stores in the park are distributed and guests regularly visit your shops. But that's not all you have to keep in mind when managing stores.

The Settings of the Stores

Once you've set up a shop, you should go into its settings. Here you will find the option to manage it. No matter which shop you pick, you have to keep the product you want to sell there. In addition, you should set the right price and then also the appropriate amount of staff.

In the administrative area of the shops you can see their financial reports. This means that you can individually set and check each individual shop. But let's start with the aspects of administration. Overall, there are three settings that you have to focus on:

Product to be sold: Select the products you want to sell at your store. You always have the choice between a cheap, an average and an expensive product. Since you will probably have many stores in your park, you should be careful to offer different goods.

Example: If you have three souvenir shops, then each of the three shops sells one of the three products. So you guarantee good diversity in this area. You cannot change the cost of the product.

Set Selling Price: Of course, pricing your selling product depends on many factors. If you are still at the beginning and need money, then you probably need to set a bit higher price and if you want to get a 5 star rating then you set the prices more reasonable.

Manage Shops, Make Profit, Jurassic World Evolution

Example: In our souvenir shop we sell Barbasol. It costs us $ 10 and we sell it for $ 16. Less operating costs, we should make a good profit. Of course, that also depends on how many employees we have set up in the shop.

Manage staff: The staff is important, because without the staff, the shops would not run. The question is how many employees should you have. You have the choice between one and five employees.

Example: In our souvenir shop currently 900 guests can be served. You can see that in the financial report. At the moment there are only 456 people in the shop. This means that we have too many employees - five employees. In such a case, you can reduce the number of employees to four, maybe even three. But this decision must not be final.

The financial reports of the stores

The factor guests in the financial report is at the beginning still overlooked. This is the option that your settings of shops, restaurants and other additional attractions should be based on.

As described above, the second number behind the slash indicates the amount of shop visitors your staff can serve. If the first number before the slash is higher than the second, then you must hire more sellers. Otherwise, you cannot meet the demand and in the worst case, your facility rating could get worse.

Manage Shops, Park, Restaurant, Make Profit, Jurassic World Evolution

Of course, you always have to adjust the price of the sales products in your stores to the personnel costs. If fewer sellers are hired, you don’t necessarily have to adjust the prices downwards. That depends on the satisfaction of the park visitors. Logically, it increases a bit when customers spend less money.

However, if you are increasing the number of salespeople for the first time, then you have to see that your operating costs are not higher than the revenues. In the end you can always orient yourself to the last value of the financial report of the shops. This means "total (per minute)" and describes the pure profit you make with the shop or restaurant.

The bottom line is that you have to be careful when managing your stores in the park that you build many different shops, offer different products there and make the settings correctly. If you stick to it then the audience on your island will get bigger and so will your income.