Spirit and Adam Francis Perks, Skill Guide: Dead by Daylight

Shattered Bloodlines is the latest chapter for Dead by Daylight, brining with it a new killer “The Spirit” and a survivor called “Adam Francis.”

The Spirit’s Perks and Ability

This killer has a unique ability similar to Wraith and Nurse. With right-click, it can switch to ghost mode. After a brief channeling she is in the spirit world and leaves her body, which remains in place. She can move freely in the map and at the push of a button or when the timer expires she reappears in another place and attacks immediately. The survivors don’t see this ghost move.

However, The Sprit cannot see the survivors during the ghost run. Only after the appearance of the survivors are visible again. Only scratch marks are visible in the spirit world. So she has to guess where the survivors are.

This killer has a medium cooldown of around 15 seconds.

The Spirit Perks, Ability Guide, Dead by Daylight

The Spirit comes with the following perks:

- Hex: Haunted Ground: Two active totems appear on the map. If one of the two totems is triggered, all survivors will be exposed for 40/50/60 seconds to the "Exposed" effect, causing them to fall to the ground in one fell swoop. The other totem immediately becomes an inactive.

- Rancor: A survivor becomes the obsession of the killer. Each time a generator is completely repaired, the obsession sees the killer for 5/4/3 seconds. Each time a generator is completely repaired, the killer sees all survivors for 3 seconds. Once all generators have been repaired, the Obsession gets the "Exposed" status effect (goes down with one punch) and can be killed by the killer (Memento Mori Effect).

- Spirit Fury: Every destroyed palette increases the power of the spirit. After 4/3/2 pallets have been broken by the killer, the next pallet, which stuns the killer, is immediately destroyed. The killer is still stunned.

Adam Francis’ Perks and Ability

The new survivor comes with the following Perks.

-Diversion: The perk activates when the survivor is within the killer's terror radius for 45 seconds and is not in hunt. Once the perk is fully active, the survivor can throw a stone at a location within a radius of 10/15/20 meters. The stone produces a loud noise, which is displayed to the killer. Thereafter, the perk becomes inactive and must be recharged

- Deliverance: After the survivor has safely picked up another survivor (he did not fall to the ground within 20 seconds), the perk becomes active. The survivor now has a 100% chance to free himself from the hook next time he is hung up. However, this triggers the "Broken" effect for 100/80/60 seconds, which cannot completely cure the survivor

- Autodidact: The survivor starts with a penalty of -20% on the progress of a successful skill check when healing other survivors. Each successful skill check grants a token, up to a maximum of 3/4/5 tokens. Each token grants a 20% bonus to progress on a successful skill check if the survivor heals other players. Great skill checks are not possible with this perk.