Get Summon Tower Keys in Mortal Kombat 11 MK11

With Tower Keys in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) you can summon eleven special towers in the Towers of Time (ToT). Finding keys and completion of this task will bring you valuables including in-game currency.

Where can you find tower keys?

In the ToT mode, you'll find the summoned towers in island on the far right. However, to reach them you'll need to have a tower key. You’ve got sixty minutes to complete this task.

you’ll get Tower Keys as a reward in the other towers of ToT. Check the individual towers regularly and check the rewards below to find a tower key. Then play through these towers to get them.

If there’s no key, then you must wait until the ToT has expired and it will be replaced by a new one. Then look again.

Summon Tower Key Location, Mortal Kombat 11, Map, MK11
There is also another tower key that you can find in the Krypt. If you've already found Ermac's Amulet of Souls in the lower pit and accumulated 3,000 Soul Fragments, then go to the Dead Woods just west of the Palace Entrance.

Here you can interact with a Green Orb on the river for 3,000 Soul Fragments, bringing to light a treasure chest that cost you 250000 Koins.
Inside you will find 5x skins and another tower key. You can use this to summon a fight against the Kollector. Here, you can send your AI fighters to complete this fight. This will bring you Kollector Koins and other materials. In addition, through repeated deals, you can earn additional tower keys of this type and summon this tower virtually over and over again to farm more Koins and smithing items.