Sony Xperia 5 II Play Faster and Better for Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming is getting more and more kind of respected, back in the days you play like FarmVille but nowadays given that you've got games like Genshin Impact running incredibly well on the phone and I know a lot of people are playing this game and if you play it on PC you can cross save between that and phone. Sometimes people might be like what phones are good to play games on and this is definitely one of them.  

So let's begin with some of the most important things. One of the main new things about the Xperia 5 II is obviously that it's taken all the great gaming features of the Xperia 1 II. Only this time it has put it into a more condensed package but it's not just shrinking it down I mean it's still similar sized phone but it's also got some really nice new features in it. 

So as a very quick kind of like specs summaries so you know what's under the hood. This has the snapdragon 865 processor which is one of the best for mobile gaming and that sees a 25% performance increase from the previous model. It still has the nice 3.5 mm audio jack so you can plug in regular headphones.

It has a 4000mAh battery for plenty of you know longevity and life. You have also got really nice ultra wide 21x9 full HD screen which is really nice because if you're using like the touch for your games that wider display allows you to kind of still have your hand on the screen without it taking up too much space so that is definitely nice.

Xperia 5 II also has 120Hz refresh rate 240Hz touch response and also an inbuilt heating mechanism to further reduce the heat build up for long play session. Of course when they built this phone was definitely with gaming in mind.

Some of the other kind of gaming feature stuff you’ve got you know I mentioned the 120Hz refresh rate. If you pair that with the fact that phone also has 240Hz motion blur reduction that basically helps you know any of that sort of fast moving content render more clearly. So you do actually get a nice crisp picture on phone. 

There’s also 250Hz touch response which is actually four times higher than the Xperia 1 II. So you know you get even more precision if you’re using the touchscreen controls on the phone. Of course don’t forget you can just still hook up a Bluetooth controller if you want to put PlayStation controller on and just put it in the mount you know that is obviously an option. But for those of you that want the touchscreen experience then you do still have that. 

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The game enhancer menu in Xperia 5 II is like a hub for all your games. Anytime you install stuff it goes inside this menu and it’s really cool because it allows you to basically tailor your games based on what you’re doing. So you can change the settings on a game by game basis. You can do things like limit the notifications that will stop when you are playing games. You can change the settings on the per game basis. 

You can also take screenshots to record videos even to live streams. You can live stream directly from the phone it’s got high quality audio. So if you want to put yourself picture in picture you can record that. It’s even got the ability to balance all your different audio levels independently. So if you want to have your mic but then drop down the audio for the game and stuff like that. So it all sort of balances out. 

You can do all of that and there’s also a new feature for this one. They have basically given you even more custom control where again on a per game basis. You can control things like the screen refresh rate, the touch tracking, the touch response speed so basically you can fine tune the performance for your individual game. So you know there’s something you really care about like Genshin Impact or Call of Duty mobile you might be like. Let me give that the best settings meanwhile if you are playing something like a card game or something you don’t need to worry too much about refresh rate and stuff like that then you might drop it down either way lots of stuff to choose from.

You also have the search functionality. So if you do get stuck in the game you can just type search and again especially you are playing game Genshin Impact you might want to hit that up and then you can swipe over and check out some videos.

Next, you have the HS power controller where if you plug the charger in and you select the option it allows you to play with your phone plugged in without like going through the battery. So you can basically bypass it to keep the phone cooler and prolong the battery’s life.

So overall Xperia 5 II is a really nice phone for gaming, if obviously mobile gaming is your thing.