Best PS4, PS5, Xbox Controller Settings for BF42

When it comes to FPS games, it is important to find the best settings in order to play to the maximum of your skills. Battlefield 2042 (BF42) is no exception to the rule, whether for PC players or console players.


In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best controller settings for playing Battlefield 2042?


For players using a controller to play Battlefield 2042 on PC it is recommended that you review the guide below. This will optimize the performance of your game.

The Best PC Settings for Battlefield 2042 


However, certain settings such as aiming sensitivity and FOV (Field of view) will depend on each person. The FOV can in particular change if one plays on PS4, PS5 or Xbox on a television or if one uses a controller to play on a computer screen.

How to Change Field of View FoV in BF42? 

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Aim Sensitivity: Personal Preference

Invert vertical view: Disabled

FOV: 80

Aim Assist: 95

Sprint: Press

Aim: Maintain

Aiming Sensitivity (Zoom): 90-100

Controller vibrations: Disabled


Other settings are also available, in particular with regard to the assignment of keys or more advanced options. These are the essential settings. Some like the key assignments are generally quite standard (L3 / SL for sprinting or L2 / LT for aiming) but can change according to individual preferences.