Diablo 4: Barbarian Build, Wizard Leveling Guide

In this short guide, we’ll share some useful tips on leveling your characters, (Barbarian) to the maximum level as quickly as possible!


For your leveling build, everything will depend on your class. At the launch of the first Diablo 4 beta, from March 17 to 19, three classes (Rogue, the Barbarian and the Sorcerer) will be available.  The other two classes will be available during the beta open to all players.


Barbarian Build


The Barbarian is known for his brute strength, resilience, and ability to inflict massive damage on his opponents. He is able to use various weapons and armor, such as swords, axes, hammers, and heavy armor and he can carry up to four weapons all together! This is one of the easiest classes to play and level up in Diablo IV.


This guide will focus on the "Whirlwind" skill, but you can also play "Upheavel" with "Violent Upheaval" instead of Whirlwind.


Diablo 4, Barbarian Build, Wizard, Leveling Guide

Level 2 to 3


Put two points into basic spells to unlock the other options. To apply Vulnerability and Bleeds, Flay and Enhanced Flay are the best options.


Level 4 to 7


In these levels you can unlock Whirlwind and use the fury generated by Flay to inflict area damage. A few levels later, at level 5 and 6, you can further improve this skill.


Level 8 to 17


At level 8 take the "Rallying Cry" skill and then upgrade it with "Enhanced Rallying Cry" and "Tactical Rallying Cry."


Once at level 13 the serious things begin. Learn "Leap" which will allow you to gain mobility.


At level 14 take either "War Cry" or "Challenging Shout" depending on your preference.


At level 16 thanks to the talent point "Power Leap" you will be able to generate fury using this spell.


Level 18 to 24


At level 18 an important spell appears, "Death Blow". It has a long cooldown, but its cooldown is reset with every kill.


At level 19 and 20, you have talents to upgrade this spell. Fighter's Death Blow allows you to gain 20 Fury each time you hit an enemy.


The maximum level, 25


Congratulations, you've reached the level cap on the Diablo IV Beta! You can now learn "Call of the Ancients" which will allow you to execute difficult bosses and enemies.