Diablo 4: Sorcerer Build, Leveling Guide

In this short guide, we’ll share some useful tips on leveling your characters, (Sorcerer) to the maximum level as quickly as possible!


For your leveling build, everything will depend on your class. At the launch of the first Diablo 4 beta, from March 17 to 19, three classes (Rogue, the Barbarian and the Sorcerer) will be available.  The other two classes will be available during the beta open to all players.


Sorcerer Build


The Sorcerer focuses on the practice of spells and magic, and can cause great elemental damage to her opponents. She has perfect command of fire, lightning, and frost. Using her method of increasing active skills by adding passives to them, She is able to solve all types of problems.


This guide is going to focus on a well-known mechanic from Diablo 3, "Hydra" and the "Fireball". Hydra will come in handy for tough monsters while the Fireball lets you deal heavy area damage.


Diablo 4, Sorcerer Build, Leveling Guide

Level 2 to 4


At level 2, you will learn Frost Bolt allowing you to deal damage and apply a Frost debuff.


At 3rd and 4th level, learn enhancements from the same spell to gain mana regeneration.


Level 5 to 7


At level 5, it's time to unlock Fireball your main area spell! The spell is very expensive in



At level 6 and 7 you will then take upgrades from Fireball so that its channeling is profitable!


Level 8 to 12


At level 8 unlock the "Teleport" spell, your first movement spell that will allow you to run away or join the fight more quickly.


At level 9, Frost Nova is a very interesting spell that allows you to freeze enemies in place.


At level 10 you can learn the Ice Armor spell. Combined with Teleport and Frost Nova, you will be unkillable!


Level 13 to 17


At level 13, it's finally time to unlock Hydra, your perfect single-target spell.


From level 14 to 17, you will only increase Hydra's destructive abilities.


Level 18 to 25


At level 18 through 20, learn Meteor and the upgrades that come with it.


From level 21 to 22, upgrade Hydra.


At level 23 up to 25, increase the possibilities of Fireball.

Congratulations, you've reached the maximum level on the Diablo IV beta!