Diablo 4: Rogue Build (Wizard) Leveling Guide

In this short guide, we’ll share some useful tips on leveling your characters, (Rogue) to the maximum level as quickly as possible!


For your leveling build, everything will depend on your class. At the launch of the first Diablo 4 beta, from March 17 to 19, three classes (Rogue, the Barbarian and the Sorcerer) will be available.  The other two classes will be available during the beta open to all players.


Rogue Build


The Rogue is an expert in assassination and stealth, and he is equipped with a crossbow and dagger blades, which allow him to deal high critical damage. Thanks to his technique, he is able to adopt different specializations to suit his style of play.


This guide is going to focus on Diablo 4's new "Vulnerable" mechanic, an effect applied by certain skills that increases the damage you deal to the target with the Shadow Imbuement skill to deal massive damage to your targets.


You can also play the melee version of this build with "Flurry" or the ranged version with "Barrage". These talents can be found in the "Core" tree.


Diablo 4, Rogue Build, Wizard Leveling Guide

Level 2 to 3


At level 1, put two points into basic talents like Forceful Arrow. This spell applies the "Vulnerable" debuff.


At level 3, you will be able to take "Forceful Arrow" which will allow you to deal more damage if you are low on energy.


Level 4 to 7


That's it, it's time to choose how you want to play, "Flurry" for melee and "Barrage" for distance. These two skills work the same way and improve through " Imbuement" in higher levels.


Level 8 to 17


At level 8 unlock the "Dash" spell which allows you to engage or flee combat quickly.



At level 9 learn Shadow Step, this spell is very interesting when combined with Dash to move faster.


At level 13 take "Dark Shroud" which gives you strong defensive potential.


At level 14 thanks to the talent point "Enhanced Dark Shroud" you will be able to generate fury using this spell.


Level 18 to 24


At level 18 an important spell appears, "Shadow Imbuement". This skill improves your Core Skills, "Barrage" or "Flurry". "Shadow Imbuement" allows you to apply "Vulnerable", regain energy or activate "Consuming Shadows" which inflicts heavy area damage.

The maximum level, 25


Congratulations, you've reached the maximum level on the Diablo IV beta! You can now acquire the skill "Shadow Clone" which will allow you to easily eliminate bosses and tough enemies.