FF16: how to get started? Unlock Eikons ability, combat tips

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) is a single player action role-playing game available only for the PlayStation 5.


In the game, player must progress through the politically divided world of Valisthea, while taking on the role of Clive Rosfield. You will have to give everything to find your way in this world filled with magic, mysteries and strange creatures.


To help you get started in FF16, DTG Reviews provides some useful tips for beginners to survive in this beautiful landscape.


Save before you die! - One of the most important features in FF16 is its save system. Players are free to save their progress whenever they like, except during battles. In order to save time, do not hesitate to save before engaging in a difficult battle.

Do all side quests - There aren't many side quests in FF16, but once they are unlocked you really should do them. These are quick to complete and they bring a lot of experience.


Save and optimize your ability points - At the beginning of the game, Clive possesses a good collection of basic abilities and special Eikon Phoenix related abilities. He gradually gains more powers tied to various Eikons, enhancing his combat skills.


When it comes to upgrades, it's best to keep accumulated ability points. When you have enough, use them to purchase the ultimate ability for each Eikon. For example, in FF16, Phoenix's best ability is called Flames of Rebirth. Overall, it makes more sense to acquire new abilities rather than just upgrading them.


Upgrade your equipment - In general, it is advised to use any armor or weapon that is presented to you. Upgrade them at the forge after that. Although the upgrading system may initially seem challenging, you will rapidly adjust to it. Do not hesitate to spend.


Upgrade your potions ASAP! - In FF16, potions will come in handy more than once, and as you advance through the game, your hit points will increase. Therefore, it is imperative to upgrade.


How to unlock Eikons, Primes ability in FF16?


In FF16, you play as Clive Rosfield and you will have abilities to help you progress through the game. These abilities come in the shape of primes, which are the equivalent of Summons in previous games. Many of these unlock automatically as you advance through FF16's main story, but some players are still wondering how to obtain them.


Phoenix: Phoenix doesn't require you to engage in combat like the other Primes in the game because you already possess some of his abilities thanks to the Blessing of the Phoenix.


Garuda: As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda in Caer Norvent. You'll acquire Garuda's abilities as soon as you defeated her.


Ifrit: After taking down the boss Eikon of Fire at Phoenix Gate, you will obtain it. This is the second Prime you will encounter. It will show-up shortly after the start of your adventure.


Ramuh: You will meet him after defeating Typhos during the Crystal’s Curse main quest. After meeting him, he lends you his ability.


Titan: To get this Prime, you will have to defeat Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan during the mission in Rosalith, the capital of Rosaria.


Bahamut: You will get it after defeating him in Crystalline Dominion.


Shiva: Shiva is a Prime that you will get his ability after your confrontation with Shiva’s dominant Jill Warrick of Rosaria during A Chance Encounter quest.


Odin: You will meet him after defeating Odin’s Dominant Barnabus during the Last King quest.

FF16, How To, Get Started, Unlock Eikons Ability, Combat Tips

FF16 combat tips


Here, we'll give you some useful tips about the combat, in particular about the control types.


A very important part of the combat is the Charged Shot and Burning blade moves. These break the enemy guards, do decent damage and also drain a big chunk of the enemy stamina.


The game allows charging both the melee and ranged attacks at once...but this is awful with the default controls. To do this, you must hold both [] and X buttons at once. That is hard since you push these with your thumb. You may change the grip of your hand and use the index and middle finger...but you would be unable to dodge. And even without charging both you may want by example to charge your magic while you are using your melee attacks. So, I recommend you as soon as possible to get into the system and change to type B or C. Type B is a bit better than A but still you will find you on odds situations having to hold both triggers at once. Type C on the other hand is awesome because you will move your magic to your left trigger. So you just have to hold it with your index while doing anything else without any though.


You always should be charging your shots at any moment as long you aren't using burst magic. A charged magic is equivalent to three burst magic. Burst magic offers a little more damage per combo. But charged shot besides being long ranged will knock down any small enemy into the ground, enemies in the ground are helpless and you can use a finisher on them for extra free damage.


Regular uncharged magic is almost useless doing almost no damage or stagger. Compare with a charged shot, damage is almost 14 times bigger and takes almost no extra time.


You also can charge easily when using Eikon powers mapped to the square button. All this allows for quick and powerful offensive while staying safe. And remember almost all of this also applies to the charged melee attack. Don't forget you can charge both at once.


And finally, remember once again you can use these attacks to break enemy guards.