Lies of P: how weapon upgrades and crafting works in LoP?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade or craft your weapons in Lies of P (LoP) 

As with most Souls games, you can upgrade your weapon using Moonstones that you collect from enemies on the ground, at stores, or while completing quests.  

You can upgrade the blade of any weapon you find with Ergo and Moonstones, with the exception of unique weapons, which need Moonstones of the Covenant.

There are a limited number of Moonstones of the Covenant in existence, however all other normal Moonstones and Full Moonstones are infinitely available for purchase. This means that you don't have to worry about using them to upgrade your current weaponry.

Besides, you will also acquire Cranks during the game, which can be used to change the scaling of handles to better suit your build. Motivity, Technique, Advance, and Balance are the four different categories of Cranks. Don't use them on just any weapon because they are scarce. They allow great flexibility in builds by making some scaling skew from Technique supported to Motivity supported. 

Crafting your own weapons makes it very simple to get lost and spend several hours experimenting with all the possible combinations. The easiest way to create a weapon you will enjoy using is to experiment with each initial weapon, choose the blade you want, and then finding which handle has your preferred attack pattern.

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When I was crafting my weapon, I wanted something that had good range and attack speed. I started by finding my favorite blade, the Bone Cutting saw, which had a vast range and dealt considerable physical damage, and then I looked for the handle. Heavy weapon Handles typically had relatively slow attack patterns. Instead, I chose the Bramble Curved Sword handle, which gave me a powerful Fable Arts and a balanced sword handle that enabled me quick attacks.

When crafting your own weapon try to start by finding a weapon that you really like, then experiment by utilizing the Handle of that weapon with different blades or the blade of that weapon with a different handle. You can modify your weapon in a fun way so that it fits your playstyle.

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