Best graphics settings to run Ark Survival Ascended ASA on PC

Ark Survival Ascended (ASA) is a dino survival video game, runs on Unreal Engine 5,   from the Studio Wildcard and Grove Street Games. It is now available to play on PC. 

Better lighting is now possible with the use of the Lumen Illumination system in UE5. This means that dynamic lighting and reflections from plants, water sources, and even torches that your character is holding are more realistic than before.

One of the standout features is Nanite mesh rendering, it's like a magic spell for graphics. Everything has a better visual appearance, including the texture of dinosaur skin and rocks and trees. But it still really does require a lot to make it clean and crisp. There are several in-game graphics settings that you need to change to maximize your FPS and make it look better.

So let’s start with the video settings

Resolution - Native

Window Mode - Fullscreen

Graphics Presets - Custom

Advanced Graphics - Medium

View Distance - Medium

Textures - Epic (depends on the amount of Vram)

Post Processing - Medium 

General Shadows - Low

Global Illumination Quality - Medium

Effects Quality - Medium

Foliage Quality - Medium

Best Graphics Settings, Ark Survival Ascended, ASA, PC

Maximum Frame Rate - Unlock

Motion Blur - Off

Light Bloom - Off

Light Shafts - Off

Low- Light Enhancement - Off

Enable Foliage and Fluid Interaction - Off

Foliage Interaction Distance Multiplier - 2

Foliage Interaction Distance Limit – 1.5

Foliage Interaction Quality Limit - 1

Enable Footstep Particles - Off

Enable Footstep Decals - On

RTX Settings 

Nvidia DLSS - On

Frame Generation - On

Super Resolution - Quality

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