MW 3: best PS5, PS4 and Xbox controller and graphics settings

You can gain a slight multiplayer advantage in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by tweaking a few settings. We've outlined the ideal controller and visual settings below for playing MW3 smoothly on PS5, PS4, and Xbox consoles.

The best controller settings for the deadzones:

In the settings, first go to “Controller,” then to “DEADZONE INPUT” and press Square / X to see more. Set the value for “LEFT STICK” and “RIGHT STICK” as low as possible. Then also set L2 BUTTON DEADZONE and R2 BUTTON DEADZONE as low as possible.

One unique feature in MW 3's options is the ability to check for stick drift. On "TEST STICK DEADZONE," click. Move your sticks back and forth and let them go as you test. Then, you can observe if your sticks continue to move automatically or stay motionless. You must increase the value by one point and test again if the stick keeps moving slightly.

With this you can determine the precise DEADZONE and modify your option accordingly. It is advisable to turn off the "Trigger Effects" when shoot using R2/L2 or RT/LT.

MW 3, Best Controller Settings, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Best Graphics Settings

Best PS5, PS4, and Xbox graphics settings:

Graphics Settings:

On-Demand Texture Streaming - On

Reserved Texture Cache Size - Large

Download Limits - Off 

(Changes to these settings should only be made if your internet connection is good).


World Motion Blur - Off

Weapon Motion blur - Off

Image noise - 0.00

Depth of field - Off

Fidelityfx Cas - On

Fidelityfx Cas Strength - Between 50 and 100. The setting modifies the sharpness of the image and controls how edges are shown in the game.


Field of View (FOV) - 90 to 100 

ADS Field of View - Affected 

Weapon Field of View - Standard


1st Person Camera Movement - Least (50%)

3rd Person Camera Movement - Least (50%)

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