Divinity: Original Sin review

Divinity: Original Sin is an isometric RPG video game release exclusively on PC, produced based on iconic titles on the platform. Players embark on a medieval adventure in command of two characters, with the ability to play cooperatively with a friend at any point in gambling. Check out the full review below:

At the time of publishing Divinity: Original Sin, the Belgian studio Larian chose Kickstarter instead of entering beneath the wings of a publisher. The result of the proposal came immediately: U$ 944, 282 were received in crowdfunding system, with a goal of $ 1 million being donated by PayPal externally. The secret of the success of the campaign, in addition to reside in meeting a demand that was not honored for years, lives in clear passion Larian by genre unique to computer RPGs.

Hunters medieval adventures
And in practice, which would be so huge differences between an RPG console and what Divinity: Original Sin is proposing to do? Inspired directly in a catalog that goes Heroes of Might and Magic, Baldur's Gate until Diablo, the work of Larian mix everything in this niche and refines classical systems.

After you create your pair of adventurers and know the mysteries of Sourcery, a specific type of magic enxergada as malignant, the player discovers that he is in command of two Hunters Source.

Your job is to follow the bottom in search of a mysterious murder, after getting acquainted with the city of Cyseal. Thereafter, the number of missions in the Journal of adventurers quickly scales - orcs, undead, time travel, talking animals, failed scientific experiments and so on.

Novelty retro with air
Much of RPGs is based, in essence, the complex construction of some element in particular: some levels out of system, others use the crafting (building items and equipment) as the main mechanics, there are still those who emphasize in combat and the list goes on. Divinity: Original Sin, by contrast, is more like an MMO in that respect. All mechanical presented are multifaceted, they are used in battle or not.

The construction of the scenario allows free interaction with everything that is not fixed, such as tables, chests and other items. The isometric camera scheme enhances freedom of movement and the feeling of existing in a flexible environment to that point is to have to think outside the box. Much of what the game offers require unusual solutions such as moving items in the scene to find levers or talk to a dog to unravel a mystery.

To bump into an investigative mission, for example, the player has a wide range of choice so that I did find very few people who followed the same plot line seen by me. You can spend hours solving the case - talking with people involved, looking for hidden items in scenarios, convincing guards etc - or just follow your intuition and skip much of the craft (which usually yields less experience, of course).

Another feature that helps in approaching MMO is the online system: you can play cooperatively with a friend, starting an online game at any time. So you can create a game and allow his colleague to assume the post of one of the companions or do otherwise.

In several sequences of the plot, the pair of characters come into conflict, you agree to go out robbing or killing animals and the crooked straight? What is power for you? Trivial questions into a fight to see who is right. After some victories in rock, paper or scissors, the discussion will be appeased.

Battles complete the mechanical strengths of Divinity: Original Sin with a flourish: the most important aspect of the game is refined with the same level of diligence of the battles. In practice, the players have shifts and a small bar of action consisting of balls - move and use and consume the skills you need to plan your route beforehand.

Kill a zombie or kill a zombie with FIRE?
The elements are an important part of the conflicts: it is almost impossible to face hordes of poisonous zombies using your strongest hitter. Manipulate the elements that surrounded the enemy, creating puddles of oil on the ground and firing, for example, to make the matches more easily.

In Normal mode, the AI opponent tends to be somewhat more pious and you will hardly come across a gang destroying an evil ally positioned, the default is to have at least an opportunity to get away.

You can still think of ways to approach groups of enemies advantageous way: activate sneak to use your skills before the battle starts. A useful strategy is to continue handling the terrain to your advantage and can save matches often.

The initial presentation of the game, a medieval tone with less serious touch, is not very impressive. The general idea of conceptual art and even the modeling of the characters sounds pretty generic and does not tend to attract much.

In a world of Dragon Age and The Witcher, the presentation of Divinity: Original Sin tends to go hit, referring to feelings that don’t reflect the final product.

The game, however, comes the possibility of using changes - both for the user interface as graphics. Ainda for the game has been released not long ago, there are already some modes to make the scenarios more neat trifle in presentation case bother.

Can get on Skype while playing
As the artistic choice of Larian for graphics, both the soundtrack as the sound effects end up fitting perfectly with the generic term.

Since, by the very nature of the game, you must come and go over the same infinite times scenario to solve quests and secrets to discover, often speak of the inhabitants of the city are cloying and hear fish scream seller the same thing for the thirtieth time becomes a pain in the ass.

There's no one to help?
The complexity and possibilities of Divinity: Original Sin comes accompanied by a catch: the game in no time, makes sure to teach you something beyond the basic commands. The tricks that allow fast forward through scenarios and use the same logic previously used in other situations, only occur with time.

Almost no NPC will explain exactly the place to be visited after dialogue, one must pay attention to the plot and have a good intuition to find the kitten's mayor wants an expensive necklace that is lost in the middle of a dungeon.

Not having anyone in your picking hand very surely slows your progress in the early hours: you must have some tricks to steal frames out there and make money as is necessary to build characters that are fulfilled, to have a smoother start to the game.

After spending a few hours enjoying the frantic arduous and full of details of history Divinity: Original Sin, the game ends up with an even better taste. The game is requested certain both for those who already passed the stage thrashing scenarios Baldur's Gate or for those who like to venture into RPGs built with passion.