FIFA 16: Configure PS4 Controller / Customize Commands

In FIFA 16, it is important to set the control to ensure good performance in the matches. As the playability of the game has changed a lot of FIFA 15 to the present, use the controls in the way that suit you best can be a major asset. See, in the tutorial below, how to customize the controller of FIFA 16 on the PS4.

Remember that you can save the settings commands. Thus, no need to make changes every time you play a match.

Step 1. From the menu, go to "Customize" tab and select "Settings";

Step 2. Then choose "Custom controls";

Step 3. In the options, stay on the first page to change the type of care you want to receive by controlling a player in FIFA (in submissions, passes and air balls, for example) and the type of defense (tactical or classical) you intend to use;

Step 4. Click the "R2" in your control and pass to the command page. Here, set with which button you will perform every attacking move during a match;

Step 5. Press the "R2" in his controller again and go to the next page. Now set the commands equivalent to play defense moves.

When finished, just click "Back" and your changes will be saved automatically.

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