Train and Specialize your Players career mode in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 brings big news in career especially in the Player campaign. Unlike previous games in the franchise, one must attend weekly training to develop the player apace. We prepared a quick tutorial on how to improve and specialize the attributes of players. Check it:

Player Development

In career mode in FIFA 16, there is a player development tab on the main menu. The table shows the number of days to train before departure and the number of sessions available, as well as the market value of the character and the key attributes that are being perfected in training.

Pressing the development tab, you will find five free training sessions. Place the marker on any empty space to set the training to be held next week.

There are five exercise categories available to the player, who can be divided into five sessions available. You can follow the training tab "Suggested", which are nothing more than suggestions based on character features, or manually set the activities of dribbling, defense, passing and set pieces.

Each exercise is classified as easy, medium or difficult. Although the easiest are basic training as simple kicks, penalty charges and short passes they are difficult tasks that grant many points of development. Look interim between activities of different difficulty levels to improve various qualities.

Remember that you can control the player during all the desired activities, as well as simulate all activities at once. If you do not want to waste too much time with training sessions and go straight to the game, simulate is the best option.

However, keep in mind that the simulated activities generate performances randomly, because you cannot control the athlete to get better scores.

A good tip is never simulate training in days near departure. Make an effort to practice the skills a few days before the dispute on the lawns. That way you can maintain the properly rested player.

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