Best Minecraft mods that you should not miss in 2016

Much time has passed since the release of Minecraft and accordingly many mods for PC have already been published. You can transform your environment or with sword wander through the universe of Elder Scrolls the area in a "Star Wars". With numerous Texture Packs to Minecraft Lets wonderful customize your preferences. Meanwhile, there are some stars among Minecraft mods and some of these are presented to you below.

Mod Loader: Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a Mod loader, with which you can easily install other mods for Minecraft. Currently innumerable modifications for the Mod Loader appeared and with each update of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge is updated. If you want to simplify your installing mods, then this loader is a must-have. The disadvantage here is that Minecraft Forge needs its own loader profile.

TooManyItems: The management Mod

The longer you play Minecraft, the full will be your inventory. In addition, you will need different blocks for different projects. With this mod you can manage your inventory. Save compiled blocks from, so that at any time you have access to your collections. In addition, get more useful features that you avoid installing other Minecraft mods.

Fast building with Build Faster

For the creative mode of Minecraft there are numerous mods that facilitate your building. So it is with "Build Faster" by TheGreyGhost . With the wands you can set several blocks at the same time and even in the air, without additional climbing aids. In addition, you can copy large buildings and to enlarge or replace individual blocks with "Build Faster".

Furniture with Furniture Mod

In Minecraft, If you want to have a proper bed, a refrigerator and even blinds, then "Furniture Mod" of Mr_Crayfish is one of recommended mods.

The Mod against hunger

Hunger in Minecraft can be fatal and you can counteract by its mod "Still Hungry" by 17CupsOfCoffee. This gives you plenty of new meals and also a stove with which you can prepare your food and make it look real kitchen. Establishment is the stove, similar to the furnace with coal or wood.

More beautiful underwater worlds with Oceancraft

The oceans in Minecraft are not just rich in animals and marine plants. At first glance, perhaps it may not interfere, but build to an underwater city, should this offer a beautiful view. For this, you just need the Mod "Oceancraft" of thomassu. It supplies you with 10 new mobs and some plants.

Mob, Mob and more Mob

If you have already enjoyed the additional mobs of Oceancraft, but you want more animals on the surface, then there is also a great solution for this. The Mod "LotsOMobs" of TheLarsinator supplied you with many new animals such as deer, camels, giraffes, penguins and many more.

From Minecraft to Spacecraft

Do you want to have Minecraft mods that open doors to other worlds? Something like that could be the Mod "Spacecraft" of Tomvegas. It allows you to build a portal that takes you directly into space.

Tamriel Mod

All fans of "The Elder Scrolls" series will melt away in this "mod". You can travel to the big cities and provinces of Tamriel and feel you as if you were in Skyrim or Cyrodiil. With the "Tamriel in Minecraft" change of Iceburg is possible. Included in the package are:

- Landscapes of Tamriel (always expanding)
- Larger map
- Prison and Mage tower
- Castle Battle Horn

A Crater Lake Mod

Some mods serve simply to beautify your landscape in Minecraft. Of which there are not just a few. One of them is particularly striking because it creates a huge crater in your world, in which a lake has formed, the Mod "Crater Lake" from Sir_Beret down.

Rustic Villages in Minecraft

This is more of a texture pack as a mod, but we don’t want you to withhold the package. Your experience certainly taught that Minecraft does not look particularly modern from the outset. The simple houses that you can build are more rural. This is just as well, because only by your creativity you can create them better. With the "Rustic Medieval World" mod of Sunday Smile you can do special touch to your small farms. Try it and you will find that Minecraft will appear much more pleasant.

A HUD for a better overview

The Better HUD Mod 1.9 extends the simple HUD in Minecraft to a few key points. In the upper left corner of the screen, your arms and quality are displayed. A similar display will appear at the center bottom of the screen. This informs you about the condition of your weapon or your tool. In the top center, you can read, in which you find yourselves just the coordinates and type of biome. The top right display informs you, among other things about which time is current and what is the FPS number. Below left you can read the current light level, which is helpful.

Mods for Musicians

Do you have in your apartment instruments and want to enjoy playing piano or guitar? Then you you could use those items even in Minecraft to decorating your rooms. The Music Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.9 / 1.8.8 you flutter following instruments into the house:

- Piano
- Drums
- Keyboard
- Organ
- Xylophone
- Bass guitars with uprights
- Cello
- Amplifier

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