Defeat Queen Leech in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster guide

As usual in the Resident Evil, the final boss battle of Resident Evil Zero HD is tricky and the fight is divided into more than one part. Check out our guide to defeat the Queen Leech.

First Boss Battle

On first appearance, Queen Leech maintains a more humane form. The best way to face the challenge is to surround the monster with the two characters. Shotgun with Billy and Grenade Launcher with Rebecca are very efficient in that part. This strategy costs a little life, since probably the Queen will take one of the heroes. If so, go near the Leech and shoot as quickly as possible to free your partner. The positive side of this tactic is that your weaknesses are best achieved by shortening the time of the battle.

If the open confrontation does not work, it is advisable to move a lot in the scene. Find a position with favorable camera and shoot with the Grenade Launcher with ammo fire or Magnum. Then walk again and repeat the process. In this case the fight will take longer, but there is less risk of damage. Even so, beware of secretion launch by the Queen Leech.

Final Boss Battle

When Billy and Rebecca are about to escape from the laboratory, the Queen Leech back after suffering a mutation and prevent the escape of the pair. Now the queen is much bigger and crawls through the scenario. Try to keep the creature's side, because she blows to the head and the tail. Keep heavy shooting, but keep some of your best ammunition for later.

After some damage, Rebecca will realize that the Queen is sensitive to sunlight. After the video, take the weapons that were in the official Stars because it will operate four cranks to open the floodgates and release sunlight in the area. In Billy's command, always remains in the corner opposite Rebecca operates cranks and shoots with the Shotgun. If you have problems go after Rebecca, shoot with Grenade Launcher or Magnum to get her attention.

It is worth mentioning that Queen Leech's immortal weapons in this fight, only sunlight can eliminate the creature. But the more damage the monster suffers, faster Rebecca operates the records of the floodgates. Stay tuned to the path between the levers covered by medical. The size of the Leech can block some passages and attach Chambers somewhere. After opening the floodgates, just enjoy the final scene of Resident Evil 3.

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