Minecraft - Slime Farm guide

In Minecraft, you can create more complex structures and objects, you also need Slime. Slimes drop mucus balls, from which you can build a mucus block. For this, you need 9 slime balls. What do you do with it and where to find the Slimes, learn it in the following guide.

Minecraft: Slime - Features

In Minecraft, there are three different sizes of Slimes. The large and medium-sized slime attack the players and divide after death in 2 to 4 new Slimes. The new Slimes assume the respective smaller size of its predecessor. The little mucus does not attack you, but, by the noise and behavior confuse the player. Once you have killed the smallest Slime, he no longer divides, instead properly drop up to two slime balls.

To get rid of Slime is not so easy. The Slime in Minecraft follows you, even if you plunge it into depths and lava, where it burns immediately. Run it up to the surface, the mucus will follow you because the green block harm. Ladders are not helping you to escape a Slime.

Find mucus: Slime and Spawn behavior

The list gives you some advice Spawn behavior the gums and then we show you how you can easily find mucus and farms.

- Slime spawns below the plane 40th
- The chunks in which spawns the mucus, are random, but not change, after the world has been generated.
- Slimes spawn even in lit areas and don’t have a certain light level as a rule.
- In lowland worlds Slimes spawn on the surface, because the depth is only 4 blocks.
- Also there are chunks which do not prevent the mucus from spreading everywhere.
- On the day spawn more Slimes because hardly any other monsters appear and we will draw the mob stint.
- If the light level is less than 8, you can slimes, regardless of chunks found in the swamp.
- At full moon most Slimes will appear, while spawning new moon.

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