Play Chess with friends on Facebook via Messenger Key commands

The Facebook allows the user to play chess with your friends via chat without installing anything on your phone. The function is hidden and works through commands typed into the chat itself on your computer or Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android .

Check out the tips and learn how to activate the chess game of Facebook and spend time with your friends. The images were made on Facebook to computer, but the commands are the same on the phone.

Step 1. Open the chat with the friend you want to play and enter the command "fbchess play" or "playfbchess white" (or black), if you want to choose the color.

Step 2. To move a piece, just use the coordinates displayed on the board. For example, to move a pawn, type "fbchess PE4" - the letter indicates the column and the number the line.

Step 3. If you need help, just type the command "fbchess help". The list of available commands appears (in English).

Key commands:

fbchess Nbc3 - moves the rider's starting position (b1) to c3;
fbchess B2xc5 - moves the second bishop to the position c5 (diagonal);
fbchess e8 = Q - becomes a pawn in the position e8 in Queen;
fbchess OO or 0-0 - move the tower next to the king and that is next to the Queen, respectively;
fbchess show - shows the current position of the pieces;
fbchess stats - shows the statistics of the players;

Now you can start having fun playing with your friends.

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