Fallout 4: Automatron - all robot model kits locations

In Fallout 4: Automatron, if you encounter robot models, you should always take this. This is useful to build your own robot. You will find robot models such as Mr. Handy, Protectron or EyeBot. You should find all robot model kits in Fallout 4: Automatron. They are distributed in the wasteland and we show you the locations below.

The following is a list of all robot models and their locations.

- Robot Model 1: To get this kit you have to go to the Poseidon reservoir. There look for a sewer, with the sign of the Railroad and the go into the water. Continue until you come across a fenced area. There the first model can be found on the table.

- Robot Model 2: Go to Mahkras fish processing and walk past the little house until you arrive at a red tube. On the right is a door through which you have to go. The kit for this robot is in the room. Search shelf and rummage through the bottom drawer.

- Robot Model 3: The last kit can be found at Lake Cochituate. Make your way to the northeast of the lake until you reach the opposite of Poseidon reservoir. In the local Raider Hideout you find a hut in the stand around a box. In this case you can find the last kit of model.

- EyeBot: This robot model can be found in the Fallon department store. Take the escalator to the first floor and go through the locked door behind which you already see waiting a Protectron. Search shelf in the room and the kit for EyeBot is placed on the bottom shelf.

- Mr. Gutsy: To get this kit, you have to go to the mayor’s shelter. There you take the elevator down and walk down the stairs in a residential area. In the first room you will find the appropriate robot model.

- Mr. Handy: Hugo hole you know more of your search for the radiation protection suit. Follow the link to read exactly where it is located. On the table in Hugos hole you can find the kit to Mr. Handy.

- Protectron: This powerful robot you can reconstruct if you can find the kit in the Revere Beach Station. Go to the river and look at the shore by garages. Nearby there is a tree on which you see the Railroad sign. Now get into the garage through the hole in the roof. Look for a double door that leads you to the nearest garage. Once you arrived in a room where a Power Armour station stands, look at the cabinet next to it, because there you will find this robot model.

- Wachbot: Go to O'Neill Family Manufacturing and go through the hole in the basement. Search for the space in which a Power Armour station stands. There is also a terminal. In addition, there is a table on which this robot model can be found.

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