In Game Chat Commands - The Division

In Tom Clancy's The Division, you have the opportunity to use the Chat System to interact with other gamers. This can be advantageous if you want to play a mission together with other players and advance by talking tactics. However, it is noticeable that in the game itself lacks a special tool to navigate through the chat channels. Therefore, you will find in this guide a simple overview of all important chat commands.

Ubisoft has however unfortunately forgotten to integrate various key assignments that allow you to switch between chat channels. Pressing "Enter", should open the chat window. In it you can enter some chat commands that trigger an effect. Then you can, for example, more quickly and easily switch between chat channels back and forth to address the players.

/w [Insert player id] - Opens a private chat with a specific player.
/ p /g / group - Change in the group chat, allows to chat with all your team members.
/1 - Change to the public chat.
/ s - Allows you to chat with other players in your vicinity.

Although the in-game chat is a good thing, but to communicate even better, you should use a headset. But Make sure that your microphone is set by default to "On". It is in the options and if you select the Radio mode (Push to Talk) then you can communicate by pressing "C" on the keyboard.

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