Stardew Valley: find all Rarecrows - Scarecrows guide

In Stardew Valley, if your plants on the farm just disappear, they are victims of birds like crows. Therefore, you should set up a Scarecrow at regular intervals. You can craft them with the following ingredients:

- 50 Wood
- 1 Coal
- 20 Fiber

However, the range of the scarecrow is difficult to assess. Although in the description says about 8 tiles, a range of 8 fields but if you look at the picture of the range, not quite true.

The picture shows that the Scarecrow up, down, left and right each have a radius of 8 fields. At the diagonals produced only a radius of 6 fields. That you should consider when planning positioning of your scarecrows.

Stardew Valley: Locations of all Rarecrows

In Stardew Valley, besides the usual Scarecrows you will also find Rarecrows. These are special versions of Scarecrows. We show you where you can find all 8 Rarecrows.

- On the Stardew Valley fair (16th fall) you can Buy a Rarecrow for 800 star tokens.
- On the Spirit's Eve Festival (27th fall) you can buy the witch-Rarecrow for 5,000 g.
- Another Rarecrow that looks like an alien, is in the Casino for 10,000 Qi Coins.
- From the traveling merchants (Traveling Cart) during the autumn or winter you can buy a Snowman Rarecrow for 4000 g.
- On the Flower Dance Festival (24 Spring) there is a Rarecrow with blond curly hair to buy for 2,500 g.
- From Dwarf, there is also a Rarecrow that looks like a dwarf. You can find him in the mines right of the blockade, by breaking the Cherry Bomb.
- If you donate 20 items to the museum, there is a Rarecrow that looks like a gray mouse, or a bear.
- If you have donated to the museum 40 items, there is again a Rarecrow in the form of a tribal mask.

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