Stardew Valley: Hardwood farming / locations tips

When you further progress in the story of Stardew Valley, your little farmer needs more Hardwood; for upgrade your home or crafting of items. Your house must also upgrade when you marry and want to enter into marriage in Stardew Valley, and eventually you need more space then in twos or even threes with a child.

So where to find Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

- Primarily you will find Hardwood in the mine occasionally. Sometimes you will also get them when you kill monsters or smashing crates and barrels.

- The tree stumps and dead tree trunks that are on your farm, always drop Hardwood. At the beginning you cannot cut them, because your ax is too weak. For this you have to upgrade your tool, the blacksmith Clint.

For the logs, it is enough if you do concerned a copper axe. To arrange this, the blacksmith pay 2,000 gold and an additional bullion you need 5 Copper Ore and 1x Coal. Clint then needs two days to upgrade your axe, 5 Copper Bar. To produce copper bar, you have to get crafting a Furnace. The tree trunk then drop 2x Hardwood when you work them with your new copper axe.

However, older fallen, dead tree trunks are not so easy to cut. To get them you need a Iron Axe or a Steel Axe. These can be produced only if you already have a Copper Axe. So you have to go again to Clint. For Iron Axe you must now invest 5000 gold and 5 iron bars, which also produces in your oven. Again Clint needed a few days, but finally if you have the Iron Axe, then you can watch pounce on the Old logs because they drop 8x Hardwood.

Stardew Valley, Hardwood, Location Guide

Find the source in the Secret Woods

If you collected all stumps and old tree trunks, then offers you a new way to farm Hardwood and indeed these are the Secret Woods in the west of the valley. Go to the southern exit from your farm and then moved away just west of Marnie's Ranch, hit the Traveling Cart - always available at this point on Fridays and Sundays. Walk until you get to a site that is blocked by one of the large, dead old logs: This is the entrance to the Secret Woods.

The old tree trunk (old logs) should now no longer constitute an obstacle for you. You can find finally chop it with your Iron Axe and thus can get into the Secret Woods. Here, you will encounter enemies so better take a weapon with you.

The best thing is that this is a true source of Hardwood. You can find here usually 6 logs and thus you can farm every day 12x Hardwood.

If this is still not enough and you need more Hardwood, then you have the opportunity to increase your skills using your hand at farms after Hardwood. In the area you should foraging besides the profession "Forester" combining "Lumberjack", which is available from level 10. You also get Hardwood, if you cut completely normal trees. Even in retrospect can still change your specializations.

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