Stardew Valley: Old Master Cannoli (Secret Woods) - guide

Old Master Cannoli… Still Searching for the Sweetest Taste.

In Stardew Valley, in the Secret Woods you encounter a statue called "Old Master Cannoli". The description of the statue says “Old Master Cannoli… Still Searching for the Sweetest Taste." What does this mean and how to solve this riddle?

Apparently you have the statue that needs something that embodies the sweetest taste. It is reasonable to assume that this is a fruit that can grow and reaping. However, it is not a fruit that you can buy in Pierre's Store.

To satisfy Old Master Cannoli, you need the item Rare Seed. It is a seed that you have to plant in autumn and required throughout the fall to grow. From it you can get the Sweet Gem Berry: the game description reads Gem Berry: it’s by far the sweetest thing you’ve ever smelled.

You can find or buy the Rare Seeds from the Traveling cart (pink pig with sunglasses), always located near the entrance to the Secret Woods. However, The Rare Seeds cost you 1000 g per piece. However, you can make profit with them.

- Buy a Rare Seed from Traveling merchant.
- Sow the seeds during fall.
- Reap the Sweet Gem Berry and give them to the Old Master Cannoli.
- As a reward you get a Stardrop which increases your maximum energy.

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